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What Is the Job Description of a Computer Technician?


IT technicians, sometimes also referred to as IT support specialists or help desk technicians, provide support to computer users. Technicians work in a variety of environments, including businesses, government offices, nonprofits, and third-party IT support companies. Many network administrators and programmers start their careers as IT support specialists. Heck here for more info on what is a technician means.

What is the job description of a computer technician?

According to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer support specialists provide support to individuals and organizations using computers and computer software. By necessity, this job description is extensive, but here are some typical tasks performed by IT technicians:

Computer networking testing, training and troubleshooting.

Computer software installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

Select and configure computers and peripherals for customers, clients and employees.

Performing repairs on computers and peripherals.

Answer technology-related questions from customers, clients and colleagues.

Train non-IT professionals in the use of computers and software.

Delivery of new computers to employees, participation in the formation of new employees and recovery of company equipment during the employee discharge process.

Regulating access to servers, drives, systems and files for company employees.

Provide emergency services in the event of a disaster, malware attack, or other issues that disable or slow down a company’s IT systems.

Customer service skills

IT support specialists generally need good customer service skills. This is especially true for those who work in technical support for software vendors and computer manufacturers. It also applies to those who work for third party services who make home visits to help computer users or those who are facing computer malfunctions, viruses or software problems.

Computer technicians should also be aware that while many people use computers regularly, their knowledge of computer technology and software may be limited, so the technician should be able to patiently provide information, education and advice to clients. and consumers. This can be difficult, particularly when providing technical support over the phone to frustrated consumers.

Third party computer support

Many companies are too small to keep an IT department or even to keep a full-time IT professional on their payroll. These companies can rely on third-party IT contractors to provide support, repair services, and help with technology purchase decisions.

Technicians working for these companies may have to juggle multiple customers, each of which may have specific technology needs. A technician may offer support primarily by phone, email or chat, but may need to periodically make site visits to meet customers or work directly on the machines.

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