JBL C100SI Wired Earphone Review


TOPIC: JBL C100SI Wired Earphone Review

Today in this post let is unbox and review the JBL C100SI Wired Earphone. Jbl brand as we know is a leader in audio accessories with multiple product lines which includes earphones, Bluetooth earphones, Bluetooth speaker, sound bars, etc. I know these earphones were launched a long time ago but are they still worth buying in 2021 let’s find out

In the box :

The jbl c100si come in a white and orange color box on the front of the box .we can see the earphones jbl branding and the name of the earphones while on the back. We can see the model number the pricing the company information and some features of the earphones the pricing on the box is mentioned as rupees 1299 but they are available for around 699 Indian rupees on Flipkart opening up the box we get the earphones which are decently packed.

We got them in black color but they are also available in white color as well besides this we also get a warranty information booklet safety information booklet and some extra ear tips. The premium finish per the color and material utilized in the merchandise makes it stand out and is certain to show a lot of heads.

Physical overview :

Now to give you a physical overview as they are wired earphones .it has got a 3.5 mm headphone jack which is gold plated but it is not angled the wire looks to be of good quality but it is not braided and not tangled three cables further down the wire. We have the inline remote which is one multifunctional button and a microphone on it sadly. Compatible with Android devices. Activate Google Assistant with an extended press and acquire it going.

There are no controls for volume on the remote then we have the ear buds which look to be made of good quality plastic and slightly angled thus silicon ear tips look of good quality. The overall build quality looks fine but nothing extraordinary.

Controlled :

The remote on the other hand is made out of plastic. The only multifunctional button is used for various functions single click to play or pause the music and answer incoming calls double click to skip to the next track triple click to go to the previous track which unfortunately did not work for me and long pressing activates the google assistant.

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Sound quality & bass quality :

Now coming to the sound quality well, to be honest, I felt the sound was good and I liked it. If you are the base head then this might not get you disappointed the base on these is adequate with the required thumb to it all thanks to the 9 mm dynamic drivers. These earphones are equipped with a sound that gets decently loud although I wished it had been a bit louder and I did not face any distortion of sound even at maximum volume sound leak is evident in the budget price earphones and this one is no different.

The mids and highs were balanced with vocals sounded fine and clear and the instrument separation was good enough but I felt the trebles were slightly on the higher side when I increased the volume all the way up the call quality was very good and clear and I didn’t face any interference while on the call and the opposite person hardly complained.

Comfortable & build quality :

These being slightly angled fitted well in my ears and are quite lightweight and I did not face any Discomfort even after using them for long eyes .it’s also worth noting that these do not sweat or water resistant i would rate it 8 out of 10 for the build quality so an 8 out of 10 for the sound quality finally as for my verdict the jbl c100si wired earphones sound overall good in my opinion especially considering the price.

 These have the sound signature that jbl offers. If you are the person who likes to hear music on the go while traveling with enhanced bass then this might get you slightly disappointed as they do not get very loud but if you are someone who prefers an overall good build quality and balanced sound signature then you can have a look at this anyways. With three sizes of ear plugs and an angled fit which makes the earphones lighter to be worn for extended hours.

So Conclusion :

So this is the end of the JBL C100SI Wired Earphone Review. We selected this earphone after doing hard research. So guys that is it for the post and I really hope you liked it. If yes, then it is good enough for me.

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