Is Eating Meat Unhealthy? – Must Know the Facts


Is eating meat unhealthy? – Must know the Facts

There are more confusions and facts against and in favor of the meat than any other food items. The proponents of meat say that is vital for our bodies as there are certain nutrient values that only meat can provide.

 They also support the meat eating with the fact that grass fed animals is the purest source of meat without any alteration. The people and experts against it are of the view that meat eating enhances the chances of certain diseases.

The best way is to take the myth and facts associated with it to come to a conclusion. There is no doubt about the meat; all meat from lamb to beef is protein source and some vitamins like vitamin B 12 are found in meat only. Let us study and come to some conclusion.

Facts behind Red meat is good for health

No studies so far have proved that meat eating is beneficial for any particular organ of the body.  Some studies on lifestyle diseases confirmed that unprocessed meat is not against health. If a moderation principle is applied then meat could become the best source of protein.

Some serving of any meat from lamp to pork or beef is not against health. If a person has a healthy lifestyle then eating meat can be a healthy option to get the vital nutrients for an improved body function and energy. However, the red meat also increases the chances of type 2 diabetes. 

The processed red meat even in moderation can give rise to colorectal cancer. In some cases, the males with low testosterone levels and low libido are suggested to increase intake of meat for vitamin B12. It helps males reduce dependence on 200 mg Sildenafil citrate and overcome low libido induced erectile dysfunction.

Lean meat facts

Processed meats that come in the form of sausages, salami, bacon etc have high levels of sodium, preservatives, and other unhealthy ingredients including artificial taste enhancers. Sodium is related to blood pressure, and enhances the risk of strokes. 

While some say that lean meat because of low fat content, cholesterol and saturated fats is healthy.  But even in moderation quantity people with a sedentary lifestyle increase their risk factors.

Facts related to grass fed animals is the best source of meat

It is impossible to get grass fed animal meat, as most animals are given a combination of grain, soy, corn and grass. They are also fed with ingredients that make it easy to take them before the normal growth period.

The fact is that there is no study backed by medical evidence that grass eating animal meat is better than meat of conventional raised animals. The health benefits or adverse impact on health will be the same.

Methods of cooking of meat also affect the affect on health     

Smoked and grilled meat is not a health option as heat produces the carcinogenic PAHs. It is a toxic compound that goes into meat when it is produced by high heating. However, this compound is removed by minimizing heat and cleaning the PAHs. Again, treating meat at high temperature often results in formation of dark crust. It is another carcinogenic compound.

Benefits of meat eating

It is equally true that a high protein diet promotes fullness and increases metabolism. Meat also helps in retaining muscle mass. Even it can help in increasing muscle mass.  Bone density and strength is also linked with meat consumption. In fact, meat eaters have lower risk of bone issues and hip fracture. The iron from meat is absorbed better than plant based iron.   Vitamin 12, which is only found in animal products, is considered good for fertility and erection health. Its deficiency leads to infertility and impotence in males. It often gives rise to erectile dysfunction.  Males who use Tadalafil 60 mg cialis  for severe cases are suggested to increase intake of meat, poultry and fish to regain erection strength.


Meat eating is a healthy option if it is followed by an active lifestyle. The person who likes meat can eat anything in moderation without fear of health risk. But keep the meat based diet weekly affair. High meat eaters with other lifestyle risk factors enhance health risks.  Maintain a balanced diet with vegetables, nuts, fruits and meat in portions you like, but do not exclude them.

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