Interior Design Ideas to Keep Your Home Cool During Summer


Indian summers are famous for being heartless and scorching. The situation is even grimmer for the coastal areas where humidity accompanies the summer heat to form relentless weather. While having an AC at home certainly braces you better for the summers, nobody likes to stay in an insulated box, all of us have to do the daily activities, and there is the global warming issue as well.

However, in our pursuits for staying cool during the summers, we tend to overlook one important aspect – making our homes summer-ready!

If we make small changes in the basic floor plan and keep certain things in mind while designing our homes, we can make them ready for summers and equip them to keep us cool even during the humid months of the year.

Here, we discuss some smart and easy ways to keep your homes cool during summers. Read all of them carefully, and follow them to make your homes better equipped for hot and humid Indian summers.

Tips to keep your homes cool during summers                                          

1.   Install windows and ventilators and cover them with Jali

Installing windows and ventilators in your homes allows passage for fresh air and positioning them to allow for cross ventilation ensures a steady stream of air at all times and in all seasons. However, if you open them, the odds of flies, mosquitoes and small insects coming into your homes become extremely high. So, we recommend installing high-quality insect shields to keep them at bay.

2.   Opt for breathable furniture

While having a leather couch might be on your mind, leather and other synthetic materials stay hot, humid and uncomfortable during the summers. They are not breathable at all and the person sitting on them gets soaked in sweat. Hence, we recommend opting for breathable materials for your furniture. You can also opt for rustic furnishings such as cane or Rattan furniture, bamboo furniture and cotton rugs to have summer-compatible seating solutions.

3.   Smart floor plans perfect for all seasons

One of the best ways to keep your homes cool during summers is to get small floor plans designed by reputed interior designers. They can help you choose the best locations for rooms and adjust them such that your home has a smart floor plan as well. You can find many reputed budget interior designers in Kochi that are expert in designing homes as per the individualistic requirements.

4.   Plants and climbers near the windows

This is one of those tips that must be followed with caution and after proper consultation with the landscape or interior designers. While it is impossible to have greenery all around your homes in the cities, you can certainly get innovative with the plantation and cover the sun-facing windows with climbers and plants that reach appropriate heights. This way, the direct shade falling on your windows will be tackled properly and you can also enjoy the green view from your windows. However, you must opt for the plants and climbers smartly and also install some insect shields to prevent the common plant insects from entering your rooms.

5.   Installing White blinds

Blinds for sun-facing windows are just the best thing that you can invest in while designing your home. Choose white blinds as they will reflect sunlight and also keep the room cool. We recommend investing in good quality white blinds that are thick enough to keep the temperature lower than outside.

6.   Indoor plants

Indoor plants and indoor gardening is a trend that is perfect for keeping the summer hear at bay. If you have proper space and budget, you can also have an indoor garden at your home and keep your homes fresh and earthy at all times. Otherwise, you can also install some wall planters or hanging planters on walls or over windows to enhance your aesthetics and keep your homes airy and green. You can find planters in many amazing designs and ready-made succulent gardens that you can place anywhere you wish, inside your homes.

7.   Water centrepieces for tables and corners

Since ancient times, people have been using water for the natural cooling of homes and palaces used to have hollow walls where water flowed to keep the rooms at low temperatures. While this is not possible in modern city homes, you can install water centrepieces in various parts of your homes, such as tables, corners and rooms.

You can find many designer water centrepieces made of brass and other shiny metals that not only enhance the aesthetics of your home but also keep it cool during the summers. However, you must keep it in mind that you have to replace the water every 2-3 days as it can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and also become smelly if not changed regularly.

This brings us to the conclusion, and we hope that all our readers find the tips helpful in keeping their homes cool during summers. We recommend consulting some reputed interior designers for making your homes more compatible with the ambient weather, as they utilize the resources optimally and judiciously.

Thanks for reading!

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