Importance of Visiting a Dentist Regularly


Regular cleaning teeth appointments with the dentists of SW19 Confidential are really important if one wants to maintain good oral health. This is something all the Wimbledon Dentist NHS says and they want their patients to maintain it. These regular appointments can be once in six months. Unfortunately, some people suffer from plaque build-up, despite brushing and flossing they cannot prevent this. 

  • Oral areas where brushes do not reach: There are areas where toothbrushes do not reach, maybe because the teeth are crowded or crooked there. Try to use toothbrushes that are available at the pharmacy because they have soft and flexible bristles. Do not ignore as these areas are highly prone to plaque. Dentists use their own equipment to clean these places and this is the reason they suggest taking appointments at regular intervals. 
  • Prevention is better than cure: This is a proverb which the Wimbledon NHS dentist believes in. If someone keeps on ignoring his or her oral health then it will become harmful and it can lead to tooth loss. Regular cleaning appointments from the dentist will help him to spot the issue easily and will be easier to treat. Sadly, gum diseases or tooth decay do not display their symptoms in the early stages so most of the patients do not understand that there is a problem. 
  • Stop gum disease: just like plaque and tartar, there can be gingivitis that can erode the gum tissue. Swelling and bleeding of gum is a signal that it is an onset of gum disease, so do not ignore it. If you show the dentist then he will be able to detect the disease at the earliest. 
  • Protect yourself from root canals: one can get a healthy tooth only if he has a healthy root. The area that is beneath the gum where there are blood vessels acts as a nourishing tooth. The root canals are connected with nerves, so if there is any pain it will send signals to the brain. If a problem is diagnosed at an early stage then the damage can be reversible. Root canal treatments are successful at the SW19 Confidential but if you can prevent it by maintaining good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups because go for it. 
  • Detection of serious disease: oral cancers are serious diseases and one needs to treat them at the earliest. If it goes untreated then there can be loss of teeth, gums, or jaws. So, if you have an oral cavity do go to the dentist so that he can stop the abnormalities which are building up right from the beginning. Similarly, any dental problems detected at the early stage save the patient from pain. It also saves a lot of money that can happen due to treatment. 

Routine parts of a dental examination are: –

  • Generally, the dentists of SW19 Confidential start with head and neck examination. 
  • They examine the face and the next area
  • Checks the lymph nodes
  • Checks the lower jaw joints

For clinical dental examination: –

  • Examines the gums
  • Takes x-ray
  • Checks the contact area between the teeth
  • Check for damaged fillings
  • Sees the broken tooth
  • Looks at the tissues inside the mouth
  • Look for visual evidence of tooth decay
  • Checks the bite (how the patient bites a solid food)
  • And finally examines the tongue

It does not take much time to visit a dental clinic. If you want to visit the SW 19 Confidential then take an appointment a day ago so that you do not have to come and wait in the clinic. 

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