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I Switched to Solar Energy in Australia With Your Green Planet and It Has Saved Me Hundreds of Dollars!


My Reason Behind Choosing Solar Energy in Australia

I have recently realised the impact of our lifestyle on the environment. And while my family and I have been trying to live a more sustainable life, electricity was one aspect we didn’t think much of. The recent updates in prices have been pretty significant and we had to redo our budget and make certain life changes. What I didn’t realise was that there are economical ways a household can produce its own energy without relying on the grid supply.

I did my research and came across solar panels in Adelaide presence and was thrilled to know Your Green Planet (a local solar energy Australia provider) provides solar power solutions that not only are practical but also very affordable. I was surprised with the range of products Your Green Planet was offering. They have been working with brands and solar rebates schemes closely to ensure that every household gets the best solar panels QLD, solar panels Victoria, solar panels Adelaide and solar panels Darwin.

If you are looking to learn about rebates Your Green Planet works with, these can help:

Contacting Your Green Planet and getting a quote for my household!

When I got in touch with Your Green Planet, the person on the other side of the phone was very friendly. They explained to me everything right from how solar panels work in QLD and the current situation of solar energy in Australia. I was pleased to learn about solar rebates, incentives and schemes that are available.

How our consultation went with Your Green Planet:

  • Booking an appointment online by providing your contact details
  • Experts scheduling an appointment that was convenient and comfortable
  • The experts came exactly on time and were quick to run us through a brief of how the whole process will pan out
  • A complete inspection of the area and determining the best location for solar panels installation
  • Calculating our everyday energy requirements and receiving a recommendation on the best solar panels in QLD
  • The experts also recommended us on getting a solar power system of our own (consisting of solar panels, solar batteries and solar inverter) as that would ensure we save more on electricity bills and become self-dependent on our energy needs
  • The steps after this were paperwork which went really smooth and easy thanks to Your Green Planet
  • On the day of solar panels installation in our QLD home, experts arrived along with our systems and got to installing
  • It didn’t take long and our solar power system was installed!
  • The experts then told us the basics of solar power system maintenance and care
  • Because we had solar batteries installed, we were completely off the grid – how it works is that – when the energy requirements for the day are met by the solar power system, the excess energy gets stored in the battery
  • Once the battery gets fully charged, the solar batteries are ready to be used in case of a power outage
  • The excess  energy that’s produced by the solar panels can be sold off to the grid as a feed-in tariff

The overall installation process was smooth and we are thankful to Your Green Planet for having done the installation.

Are you looking for alternate power solutions?
Contact Your Green Planet today and experience top-notch solar energy Australia installation!

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