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How to work from home with D-link Dap 1955 AC1900


Do we like to be confined to be in a single place while working from the comfort of our home? Will we like it if that is only because our wireless connection is not having much coverage? Of course not! We want to be having enough freedom to roam around even while working, especially if it is at our home. We have the perfect solution for you—the D-link Dap 1955 AC1900. Setting up of it is the least time-consuming thing you’ll ever face. It uses MU-MIMO Technology that helps different devices to connect to the D-link Dap 1955 AC1900 and have high speeds.

Set-Up D-link Dap 1955

Setting up and management of the D-link Dap 1955 AC1900 can be easily achieved by downloading the free D-link Wi-Fi app or also by D-link One-Touch. Plug your Dap 1955 AC1900 into a wall socket near the Wi-Fi router you have and wait till the signal blinks amber. Make sure the power button of D-link Dap 1955 AC1900 is in ON position. Press the Wi-Fi Protected Setup button and hold it for some time and make sure an LED started to blink on the router.

Now it is time for the range extender. Within a minute, press and hold the WPS button on the D-link 1955 AC1900 as well. The Status LED will start blinking green. You will have to wait till it turns to solid green in three minutes. Now it is set up. You will be able to enjoy the freedom of movement you desire. You can keep the Dap 1955 AC1900 in between where you want to be and the router. The username and password of the D-link Dap 1955 AC1900 will be the same as that of your router.

D-link Dap 1955 AC1900 Browser Set-Up

Once Dlink ac1900 dap 1955 setup is complete, take the Wi-Fi configuration card given along with the D-link Dap 1955 AC1900. There will be an SSID given on the available networks which will help you to connect to the D-link Dap 1955 AC1900 on your PC or laptop. Then once it is connected to the D-link Dap 1955 AC1900, you will have to enter the IP address given on the configuration card and press enter. Provide a username and password. Then click on login and you will be given a set-up wizard where you can choose the Wi-Fi you need to extend and provide different passwords for 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz.
Once this is done you will be able to choose these on any device you want and enter the password you’ve given and can use it.

Local Set Up D-link AC1900

All you need to make sure is that the Dap 1955 AC1900 is in the range of the Wi-Fi signal. You’ll be able to see the strength of the signal in the range extender itself. Three green signal means the range is strong and two means the signal is moderate. One signal means the signal is weak. If it turns amber then you will have to move the D-link Dap 1955 AC1900 closer to the Wi-Fi router you have at home. This is one advantage of D-link 1955 AC1900 as it helps you to find the optimum location. Where you can get maximum signal strength.

DAP1955 WPS Set Up

WPS is one of the easiest ways to set up the wireless devices to your connection. From being too tedious to set up, wireless networks have grown so easy nowadays to set up and to even connect other devices that are wireless in nature. Most wireless devices have a WPS button these days. Setting up WPS on any wireless device is very simple as you just have to connect WPS button on the router. Then on device which you want to connect to your network.
There are some connection methods in WPS which are PIN, USB Drive Setup & NFC; the easiest method being the WPS button.

Final Thoughts

Working from home has never been this easy. With the D-link Dap 1955 AC1900, you can sit or work anywhere in your home. Without even giving a thought to the signal strength of your wireless router.  For other details go through the Trendz 4 Friend with all details of your device. The Dap 1955 AC1900 is like a pocket Wi-Fi device which is very simple to set up and easy to change places. This helps you to be in the comfort of your home. And have the freedom of movement anywhere you wish to inside your home without disturbing the signal strength.

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