How To Talk To Your Crush: A Guide For The Socially Awkward


How do you approach someone you’re interested in romantically? How do you launch a conversation with your crush?

Aren’t these some good nerdy questions?

It also sounds like a title from a Seventeen or Cosmopolitan magazine post. Except that no one reads magazines these days. It’s the kind of stuff that people nowadays look up on Google or YouTube. It’s something we all contemplate, but almost no one feels confident enough to act on.

I used to be terrible at this, but I went the nerd path and got a Ph.D. in sociology. I researched human behaviour, put my social skills to the test in the workplace, and finally learned to *gasp* make small talk with strangers.

This is what you should be doing while talking to your crush after all that fancy studying.

Placing yourself in the same situation as your crush is a good idea.

It isn’t always simple, despite the fact that it is obvious.

Try to sit near him at lunch or enter the same group. Speak with any friends you have standing near your crush. Physical proximity is important, and you don’t want to make a mistake by approaching someone at random to strike up a conversation.

Physical proximity does not often result in conversations, but it does establish the possibility. A dialogue is often unavoidable if you are participating in a shared activity (think community work!). Just don’t do it in a creepy way.

Start a conversation with your crush about something you have in common.

There’s an explanation why so many people talk about the weather. It’s something we all have in common. Discuss a teacher you both meet, a meme that everybody is talking about, or a TV show or movie you both watched over the weekend.

This stage can be difficult, so get it out of the way as soon as possible and move on to step 3.

Inquire about his thoughts. It shouldn’t be too intimate, but it should compel your crush to share something with you.

Inquire if he has seen a recent film and what his thoughts are on it. As the talk progresses, inquire about his family or favorite foods.

Also, tell us about yourself. When people inquire about them, according to research, they feel closer. Make an effort to recall the specifics for possible discussions.

One more piece of advice:

When you’re talking to your crush, don’t be creepy. He’s just another human being, nothing to be afraid of. If your nerves get the better of you, take a break and try again later. It can be weird if you spend too much time looking at him while working on step 1. Visit here more info

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