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How to Solve the 9 Biggest Problems Faced by Online Shoppers?


When a customer wishes to have something for him/her, there is the web where they go initially. Online shopping portals have grown at an amazing rate. There is a huge competition seen among online businessmen. This is one of the online shopping problems faced by eCommerce today.

There has been a hefty rise in digitalization in the previous years. It has completely transformed the way companies work. All the prospective buyers no longer require to take a look at brick-and-mortar stores to purchase their items. eCommerce brands still deal in products, yet now this takes place over various touchpoints in an online environment. There are problems faced in online shopping that nobody talks about. We are discussing those with you to build a good framework by overcoming these issues.

1) Online Identity Verification Requirement

When a person hits an eCommerce website and signs up, you need to be sure that this is the person who will buy. You will

certainly avoid fraud accounts this way. It will result in earning losses when it’s the matter of Cash on delivery (COD) buyings. Sometimes, people use fake phone numbers or addresses while buying. This issue can be easily solved by taking appropriate measures. You can simply verify the customer’s information filled while buying. Also, you can search for any signs of some suspicious activity. Use automation to recognize fake phone numbers and email addresses. This way you can get away with shopping online problems.

2) Providing an omnichannel shopping experience to customers

Nowadays, the entire world is interlinked. The customers can easily reach out to your brand via numerous touchpoints. They may also reach your website, leave a message on your social media platform, contact your managers, etc. If you do not have the omnichannel facility, then what would you do? There is a way to get rid of these online shopping problems. Ensure that you equip your expert team with the correct technology. Also, you can simply modify your visual engagement tools as those assist your organization to serve customers across every channel.

3) Doing better than your competitors

People may provide you with the same products and services as you. However, it does not mean that you cannot differentiate yourself from the competitors. How do you think you can fill this gap of problems faced by customers in online shopping? It can be done by conducting detailed research into your competitors and the market. Researching well and then finding out the products that are in heavy demand. Just remove those outdated products and make good use of social media and blogs. You can invest in promotional offers and create a great web presence. Do not just forget about that key factor of client experience which is a good service. Provide them with the option of shared inbox or live chat. Assisting them better is the solution to online shopping problems.

4) Polish your way of selling

The chief reason behind several eCommerce companies sees online selling tough is they are just moving in the past only. Many of them are lacking customer behaviour and purchasing patterns. To alter your approach, you can initially consider providing those products from eBay or Amazon. These already have a hefty network of buyers. You can pitch your brand easily and it becomes much easier. Segmenting your data permits you to recognize and communicate with the visitors. Focus more on personalized customer service. It will help you know better the problem statement of online shopping.

5) Shopping cart stoppage

Online shopping cart is a major online shopping problem statement nowadays for eCommerce. For example, Nordstrom, in the beginning, faced heavy losses from abandoned shopping carts. This checkout procedure was causing the clients to run mid-purchase. But, they came up with a fresh checkout design. It helped them turn into a much simpler two-step procedure. If this is the problem definition of online shopping, then redesign your shopping cart. Provide them with some tools like live chat as it can decrease the abandonment issues.

6) Keeping customer trust and loyalty

Your business will always struggle with no customer loyalty or trust. Yet, receiving and maintaining customers needs a hefty amount of effort. The reason why eCommerce brands face shopping online problems is due to sellers and buyers not knowing each other well. They do not have much longer conversations which makes it a deal between them. These common problems faced by customers while shopping online can be solved by proper effort and time. Display your address, staff images, or phone numbers on your website. Providing a live chat option will be much helpful. Create your content with good quality and value.

7) Product return and refund issues

When a product is returned, it’s because the customer got a damaged product or a dissatisfied customer. Through this way, the logistics and shipping costing have forever been an issue to the online sellers. Yet, you cannot ignore good return and refund policies. They are a hefty part of the great customer service. You can just develop your policies accurately and communicate them clearly with all. Being transparent with your audience helps you in solving common problems faced by customers while shopping online. Use reader-friendly words while making your policy. Moreover, just try using words like “you must”. Just be prepared in advance to face the costs of mistakes.

8) Price and shipping competing struggles

Despite the customer experience being the most vital thing for customers, online merchants often compete on pricing. Competition in pricing mainly affects small businesses as large ones can frequently provide products less costly. You can easily add the luxury of free shipping to your policy. Provide those products that cannot be found elsewhere.

9) Competing against producers and retailers

Several online shopping stores purchase wholesale from distributors. They sell them with retailers online, This is the common business model for the online stores. There is a low barrier to entry in eCommerce, So, now the manufacturers and retailers have begun selling directly to consumers. Anyone can be your competitor this way. What can you do to solve these problems faced in online shopping? You can stop manufacturers from selling products directly to customers. There are a few elements to reduce this issue. Prioritize manufacturers selling less directly to customers. Also, you can offer the product at lower pricing or with some additional benefits to raise sales.

To survive that hefty eCommerce competition, it needs some great strategies. You have to be prepared in advance to address all the possible online shopping problems and solutions. Then, focusing on building a customer-centric culture. In this way, you may not face shopping online problems and provide a customer experience they will remember.

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