How to Optimize Your Anchor Text Strategy For SEO

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Anchor text is the power behind backlinks. Every backlink pointing to your website reveals valuable information about your page as well as the type of backlink source. A source is simply a website with a high Page Rank which will yield a good amount of link juice. When you establish a backlink on another website, you are imbued with the link juice.

Anchor text, the clickable text in a backlink, is far more powerful than a regular hyperlink. The anchor text, in itself, reveals a lot about a webpage. In addition, if you do any sort of competitive analysis of your competitors, you will spot some tells on how to build backlinks.

Before looking at how to use anchor text to boost your SEO find the best SEO Company in India, let’s examine why Google uses anchor text in backlinks. The search giant determines the relevance of a webpage based partly on the content of the webpage and the anchor text that is used to create that webpage.

What Google is looking for is a website that is topically related to the term under which you are trying to rank. The reasoning behind this is that if you were trying to rank for “diet pill” then you would want to create backlinks from a site that is about diet pills and has the anchor text “diet plan.” The reasoning behind this is that it is better to have a link pointing to your site from a website that is essentially about the keyword “diet plan” than from a site that is about something completely unrelated to the term.

In layperson’s terms, Google is trying to determine what the subject of your website is and how valuable you are to the search engine robots. Without this information, search engine robots would probably have given up ranking your site as it could be considered irrelevant to the term being searched for. However, due to a large number of websites and the difficulty of ranking against certain terms, Google has created a ranking system thatacker sick of playing by.

So, how do you know when you are being backlinked to an anchor text that is owned by Google? I find by using Google Chrome, gives you the option to view the source of the webpage. If you are using Internet Explorer then you can right-click and select ‘view page source to see the code behind the webpage.

For anchor texts, it is recommended that you do not use more than three keywords in your backlinks. It is best to have the main keyword that you are trying to rank for as the anchor text.

Obviously, Google is smart and there is no way anyone can track it. One thing to avoid doing is renting or buying links. figuring out how to rank against a particular keyword is very difficult. Also, be careful of linking to the same page twice from within one page of your website. The first instance will be penalized, the second will be de-indexed as spam.

If you are unsure about linking to a particular site then it is probably best to ask a professional before you do so. Since linking is such an important part of SEO, it is worth the money to get it right.

Have your links pointing towards the correct URL. Oftentimes I have seen links from websites to the correct page end up in the wrong place. Simply because the URL is not correct! aligning the internal links amongst relevant pages on the website is also helpful.

Position your links: The text in the link is important. The clickable text in a link is even more important. Make sure that the text in the link directed to a page describing itself is as descriptive as possible.

It is important to note that since the Google algorithm was developed, it has become more effective to have links from naturally occurring websites. This is undoubtedly why Google has adopted this method of ranking in the past.

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