How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically

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Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform owned by Facebook, created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger.
It’s a visual platform. It emphasizes more on photos rather than texts etc. Almost one billion users are actively using it. This platform attracts the young generation more rather than other social media platforms.
Its original purpose is to give a chance for people to socialize. But you can also grow your business here. If you want to show your creativity or build a brand of yours, then Instagram is the best platform.
But the growth of your profile depends highly on your followers, engaging content. Otherwise, why else would follow you?

There are two ways to increase followers:
The first one is paid or the second one is organic. If you want to increase your followers without spending a penny, you are in the right place.
Here, I’ll tell you how you can increase your followers organically without spending any dollars because paid followers are not worth much.
What you need is patience and consistency because Everything takes time.
Let’s discuss it.

Define Your Goals:

Figure out why you have made an Instagram account. Either you want to connect with your friends, or you want to build a brand. When you find out, then work accordingly. If you want to build a brand, then post for the interested people in your business. 

Optimize Your Account:

Optimize your Instagram account.  Make your brand identity there. Have the right profile image, captions, and username to belong to your brand when people search for the things they know. It’s so important to have a proper identity because people recognize your brand through your Account. 

Create Good Engaging Content:

Here comes the essential part, content. Create engaging content. When people start liking your post, videos and start commenting on them, it’ll automatically boost your Account and increase your followers. 

Schedule Post and Their Time:

Schedule your post and time. Post at the right time. Don’t post randomly. If you decide to post once a week, then do it. Don’t try to disturb the schedule. Profiles that post frequently get more likes and followers. Post consistently to appear at the top of the timeline. 

Follow The Right People:

Don’t follow everybody on Instagram. Follow your targeted audience. It’s not a good sign to follow everybody, and I hope to follow you back. It has a destructive impact on your profile. 

Follow the brand or people who have the same niche as yours. This will help you to get more followers because your targeted audience and theirs is the same. Instagram allows users to follow 100 people per day. 

Engage Your Fans:

When you get more followers on your Account, you must have to engage your followers to stay with your Account for too long. 

Start replying to the comments. Get the conversations going. Make them feel special about themselves. Because most people only scroll on Instagram, but they like it or comment on it when they find something attractive. 

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Add Captions to Your Post:

Instagram allows you to write 2200 characters, get benefits from them. Everybody is posting regularly, but you can add more value to your post by writing excellent and catchy eye captions. 

Add call to action to your caption. When you add it, people comment and like on your post that’ll boost your Account, and you get more followers. 

Be an Active Participant:

Instagram is an excellent platform to grow and meet new people. You can’t learn anything there if you are publishing your content there. To cultivate your audience, be an active participant. 

Here are a few tips on how you become an active participant:
● Follow back people who follow you.
● Like and comment on the post that contains the hashtags you’re interested in
● Send messages to people who add more value to your Account.
● Ask questions

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