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How to Effectively Implement Your Business Strategy Through a Business Strategy Management Office


The need for business strategy planning is inescapable in today’s business environment. As the global economy continues to falter and companies become restructured, those same companies are forced to adopt strategies that are motivated by the bottom line needs more than anything else. The ability to create and implement business plans becomes essential if you want your company to survive.

Strategic planning usually involves processes of execution and formulation; however, strategic planning helps to coordinate both. Questions to ask: What do you plan to accomplish? Make sure any information you use is accurate in order to ensure you make knowledgeable choices backed up with solid facts. By asking these questions before you begin your strategic plan, you ensure that you create a document that will help guide your company’s long-term growth while also helping to make short-term business decisions that are economically and strategically sound.

Company’s Vision And Mission

The term strategic planning has various definitions, but essentially it is the process of aligning your company’s vision and mission with its actions. In other words, business strategy planning coordinates all elements of your organization – including people, resources, products, and technology – to ensure a successful outcome. Your plan should provide a framework through which you can determine what steps you should take to achieve those outcomes. For instance, in the case of a business strategy planning session, the overall company vision may be discussed as well as the company’s mission and goals.

After you have developed your business strategy, what then comes to the question of execution? How will you actually implement your strategic plan? Many businesses choose to utilize an executive coach as part of their strategic planning team. This individual possesses the expertise and experience necessary to assist you in implementing your plan. While you might consider working with a third party to implement your strategy, it can often be more beneficial to work with a single individual who understands your organization and your specific business model.

Transformational Business Modelling

Many business plan consultants offer their client’s business model and transformational business modelling consultation. Transformational business modelling basically describes the implementation of your business strategy through the creation of new business models. For example, if your business model is based on selling a product through a storefront, your consultant will likely suggest that you create a new website in order to reach a greater number of potential customers. This is not to say that the website won’t still sell products; rather, you will likely focus on the marketing aspects of that website in order to increase sales. By implementing this strategy across your company, you will effectively transform your business strategy planning into more effective execution.

Implementing a plan through the creation of a business strategy management office can be highly effective and cost-effective. The key is to clearly define both your short and long-term goals and the methods that will be necessary to achieve them. In addition to creating a business strategy, your strategic vision should also be articulated. When your strategic vision is aligned with your company’s goals and objectives, it will be easier for you to develop a more comprehensive strategic plan. Furthermore, when you implement your business strategy, you will have a stronger sense of direction and fewer headaches down the road.

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