How to Ease Separation Anxiety of Kids Before Preschool


The most important day of a child’s education is the first day of school. Lots of excitement, lots of colours around them and indeed lots of cries and worries. If we want our children to move mountains, we first have to let them get out of their chairs. But the fact is that the first day of school is heartbreaking, for both parents and kids. 

Even if kids love to explore new people and places, there are chances that they get scared to be in a new place amidst many ‘little strangers’. Moving out to a place where mom can’t stay along with would definitely create panic and anxiety in children. This is quite usual. But never let separation anxiety of kids stand as a hindrance to their bright future. So it is necessary that you find ways to ease this separation anxiety before preschool. This article will provide some ideas to reduce the same before letting them into a preschool.

Resist the Parental Worries

Your kids are quite acquainted with each of your expressions. This means they can read out your feelings that come on the face. Seeing you happy will make them stay comfortable. However, the uncertainty or confusion that comes on your face might disturb them. Being a parent, your worries and doubts about how safe your kid would be at a new place are justifiable. But expressing the same worry will make your child feel uncomfortable. So to get rid of this, talk with the concerned teacher or school management and drive away your confusions. The best preschools in Thrissur maintain a great connection with parents. Let your kids stay happy seeing their parents smiling. 

Give a Warm-Up Session

Most preschools nowadays offer visiting hours. Make use of this time and let your child get familiarised with the school and surroundings. Bring your kid to the school premises even before the class starts. Along with parents, they tend to explore the place more freely. This will clear off the ‘strange place’ feeling on the very first day of preschool. 

Practice Goodbye Routine

Making and practising a goodbye routine will work in reducing separation anxiety in children. Have you seen children and parents practising special gestures? This is a great strategy too. Creating special waves or handshakes, giving them a love note etc will help them drive away their anxiety of staying apart from parents. 

Excite Your Kids

Evoke the excitement of kids by telling them how colourful and happy a preschool is. Tell them what happens in a school and how teachers will teach rhymes and narrate stories to them. This will create a tint of interest in children to attend preschool. Explain the routines practised in preschool and let them know how wonderful it will be to play with kids of their age. The preschools are talented teachers who give kids parental care.

Take them for a Playdate

Children get acquainted with kids of the same age soon and well. So take them for play dates with their classmates. Seeing familiar faces in the classroom will reduce their anxiety. This will also help the parents build a rapport with other parents. 

Make them Stay Positive

How happy she is? How scary is that? Which one sounds cool? Of course the first one, right? Keep that in mind when dealing with your kid. Make them stay positive. Avoid asking repeatedly if they are scared. If they are tensed, reassure them that everything will be fine.

Don’t Hide From them

Don’t try to hide from the vision of your child. That may trigger a scare in them. A child might take five to ten weeks to get adjusted to preschool. So consider going along with them and spending a few hours with them in the classroom. 

Let them Take Along their Favourite Toy 

To maintain ‘at a home’ feeling, allow them to carry their favourite toy or thing along with them. Having those things will distract them from the lonely and scary feeling. They may seem like small stuff to us, but they can provide a real sense of security to kids in an unfamiliar environment.

Tell them You are Back

Like they cry when you leave them they will feel happy on seeing you back again. So every time you get there to pick them up, remind them that you are back again. This way your child understands that every time you drop them in the school, you’ll be back at the right time to take them back home. 

They are kids, separation anxiety is obvious to happen. Introduce the preschool as a wonderful place and then notice how well they enjoy it.  Kids would always love to have your presence around, but as we know that their school time is not meant for parents, it’s better to practise these strategies to help your kids get over the fear of separation.

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