How to Choose the Right Alloy Wheels for Your Car


It can be hard to buy the right collection of alloys because the market is full of many sizes, shapes, models and makes to choose from. The process can be really tricky, so that is why we advise you to explore our guide and get the information you need. Thus, you will be able to choose the most perfect new wheels for your car.

What Are Alloy Wheels?

Made from an alloy like aluminum or magnesium, alloy wheels are one of the car wheel types. However, they differ from the rest of wheels as they are stronger and lighter. Thanks to these features, handling and fuel economy can be improved easily.

Especially top models and superior brands include alloy wheels as standard. You can also buy them from OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) including Volkswagen, and third-party manufacturers including Proline and Alutec.

Note that alloy wheels create a sportier look, so that is why many people buy them for a car makeover. However, the appealing look is not the only thing because there are many more benefits you will enjoy. Here you can find these benefits below.

Are Wheels and Rims the Same Thing?

Very often “wheels” and “rims” are considered to be same but they are different enough. The entire metal structure is the wheel which encompasses the disc, hub, rim, etc. However, the rim is the outer edge responsible for holding the tyre in place. It can be made from several materials like alloy, chrome, and steel.

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Now let’s explore the pros and cons of alloy wheels.

The Pros and Cons of Alloy Wheels

  • Pros

Improved Handling

Note that alloy wheels are more rigid than steel wheels which can perfectly enhance cornering and handling. Alloys are quite harder than any standard steel wheels. This means that you can expect a tighter feel when being on the road.


Alloy wheels are tougher and you can use them in the long run without any issues. Steel wheels are however softer and can bend easily after getting a hard knock.

Improved Disc Brake Performance

Thanks to alloy wheels, there will be better air circulation. Therefore, the performance of disc brakes is also improved.

Better Tyre Options

When it comes to replacing your tyres, you will have a wide range of choices at your disposal. This also depends on the alloys you are going to choose. There are wheel sizes that come with a wider range of tyre options than many others. Thus, explore the market to ensure that your tyres are compatible with your alloys. 

  • Cons

Ride Comfort

You may be used to standard steel wheels that are really comfortable. However, in case of alloy wheels, you might find out that there is tyre noise and some more vibration.


It goes without saying that alloy wheels are one of the most expensive options, so if you want to make such modification to your car then you need to have that budget. An average per-wheel price is from £65 to £250. Just explore the market to compare the prices of the market. It will help you find the best deals and pay a little bit affordable price.

Other Overheads

Another disadvantage when buying alloys is the price of tyres. Note that you will not only buy expensive alloys but also pay for the ongoing replacements.  Moreover, if you’ve bought alloys which hold large and expensive low-profile tyres, you will pay more than ever. So before buying alloy wheels, take into account your budget.


In fact, steel wheels have many advantages. For example, when you notice that the plastic trim starts to look tired or has got a scratch, you can replace it easily and it will be quite cheap. However, this cannot be the same with alloy wheels. If you go for a set, avoid bumping up and down any curbs.


Note that you should let your insurer know about that you have fitted alloy wheel to your car. As a result, you will have to pay more for the insurance. Never hesitate to tell your insurer, otherwise it could invalidate your insurance.

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