How to Be on the World’s Most Heavily Trafficked Website


Which websites come to your mind when you say “the world’s most heavily trafficked websites”? Well, of course you will think about the search engine “Google”. However, there are many other websites that get millions of visitors on a daily basis.

Without beating around the bush any further, let’s get down to business, right? The website that I was referring to was Wikipedia. Wikipedia is one of the most heavily trafficked websites in the world. Known for its reliable and authentic information, this online encyclopedia is famous for not just creating awareness about a wide range of topics but in fact, it is also known as one of the most effective marketing tool for brands and individuals across the planet.

Now, you can imagine, if it is one of the most effective marketing tools then brands and individuals all over the world will definitely be looking towards it for attracting and persuading more customers. Over the years, it has been observed that people have been increasingly interested in the creation of wikipedia pages. However, talking about it frankly, there are not many people who know how to make a wikipedia page the right way. They simply don’t do justice with the creation process.

Key Tips for Creating an Impeccable Wikipedia page

Brush Up on Your Writing Guidelines & Policies: 

The online encyclopedia does not have any rules or regulations instead it has a set of guidelines and policies. In simple words, these guidelines and policies are there to create an easy understanding of how to create a wikipedia page along with how one should act on the platform as well.

Now, the creation of pages or articles on wikipedia is not a simple task. Making pages or articles, which provide reliable and authentic information is not something everyone can do easily. However, with the help of the guidelines and policies provided by the platform, the task can become easier.

The success of your wikipedia page or article is pretty much based on how well you are following these guidelines and policies. Your wikis are reviewed after you submit them. The strict screening of your pages or articles is also based on these guidelines. Therefore, creating content aligned with the content policies and guidelines of the platform will allow your wikis to have a much higher chance of getting approved.

Brush Up on Your Research Skills: 

If you are not a walking, talking and breathing encyclopedia yourself then you better learn how to conduct thorough research because you cannot create a wikipedia page without doing thorough research about the topic at hand. The information and the data you provide on your topic or on your page is supposed to be thoroughly researched and should come from reliable and verifiable sources. Every wikipedia writer and editor is suggested to make use of citation and references as much as they can so that the readers can easily verify the information if they want.

Learn to Keep a Neutral Tone:

Writing for a wikipedia page or article requires one to keep their writing tone neutral. The way I works is that every wikipedia page is created with the sole purpose of delivering reliable and authentic information based on facts. Now, according to the content policies of wikipedia, the content should be written in a neutral manner and a writer must ensure that their tone does not give the readers any hint of them having an inclination towards a single theory, idea or school of thought. Therefore, learning to keep your tone neutral and unbiased while writing on wikipedia is something that every writer must work on, if they wish to get their wikis approved.

Conflict of Interest:

Now, there are many people who use wikipedia pages for their own benefit like to promote theirs work like research papers. Therefore, when creating a page about yourself, you must take care of the “conflict of interest’ policy of the platform. So, learning to write objectively about topics is something that one must brush up on, before starting to write for a wikipedia page for you or for your company.

Stay Away from Promotional Content:

If you read the guidelines and policies of Wikipedia. One of them clearly states that wikipedia is not a platform for promotions or adverts. However, many writers make the mistake of creating promotional content for their wikis. Because this usually results in the rejection of their pages or articles. So, even if you are creating a page or article for your business organization, you must learn to carefully create content that is not promotional at all. You, as a wikipedia writer must learn to create content which is focused on creating awareness. Anything else other than creating awareness by providing reliable information and data may be considered as going against the essential reason for launching this platform.

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