SEO l How Long Does it Take for Content to Rank

How Long Does it Take for Content to Rank?

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For ranking your content on the Google search engine result page you have to follow some standard methods. There are multiple methods are used for ranking the content. And this process called search engine optimization because here you do optimize your content for the search engine that is search engine optimization in short SEO. as I mentioned there are several methods to do SEO for a website or content but in this article, we will share some standard methods those are working from a way back. And no matter what types of content you are sharing or from where you’re sharing. That could be written form shared on Google or you can share your content on Youtube. The process is almost the same for each social media platform. 

Find some specific keyword:

Before writing content you have to make sure that the content you are going to write is demanding by someone. And if make some random content then you might not rank your content. So first of all try to find some popular keywords and then make content on them. Firstly, you can search your requirement on Google, and then it will suggest several questions asked by various people. Then you can select them all.

Once you select all the questions given by google suggestion, then you can take the help of any keyword research tool. Where you can search the traffic of any keyword. And then use them in your article.

How to make headings :

Making some attractive headings can increase user’s view time on your website. But at the same time, you have to aware of headings that should make some impact from an SEO perspective. This means you have to think about Google as well. And that is why you have to choose SEO-friendly headings for your article. For that, you can take the help of google’s first page’s recommendations. If you search certain queries after scrolling the page you would get multiple questions down there. And those questions are frequently asked by many users. So if you want to rank your article then you can use those questions as headings in your article. This could make your article a high SEO-friendly. 

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Make a compiling content for your users:

Second, you have to work on your content. After using multiple keywords in your article you can make very SEO-friendly content. But at the same time, you have to think from the perspective of users as well. You can not fix your keywords in the whole article. Although, you should use keywords that you found before writing your content you can use their synonyms. And that can make content engaging. Let us remind you early that your content gets ranked only if you will provide valuable content to your users. If a user does not like your content then you can never get success. So always remember that making useful content is the key to success. You can images and videos in your content for explaining the content clearly.

Make relevant backlinks: 

Making backlinks does not mean doing spamming by posting your content on every social media platform. You can choose some relevant sites to build backlinks for your content. Because apart from the others we mentioned above this is the most important part of SEO. for making powerful backlinks you can take help HREF or Semrus to find out your competitors’ backlinks. And then make the same backlinks as they made. This is the best technic every SEO expert uses.


So this was our whole discussion on how to rank your content on Google so that more people can get access to it. And making content that has the potential to get the first position, you have to follow all the tips given above. And if you want to hire a digital marketing agency in Delhi for a better solution of SEO. then you can hire us and make your need complete with us.

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