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How is the Life of a Truck Driver – Let’s Begin with A Single Day


You must have seen on hoardings and TV that truck drivers happily stand up and give thumbs up and look good too. And looking at the same, we also think about how perfect his life is. They look pleased and satisfied. But what is the life of a trucker like, you know? 

Each day is different for an over-the-road driver who spends a few days or weeks on the road before returning home. So, what’s a typical day like for truck drivers?

A Typical Morning

Let’s see the typical morning of a truck driver who starts his day with a good morning. 

  • Early Start – A normal truck driver usually wakes up before 0600 in a warm truck with their favourite bedding and pillow, which they brought from home.
  • Breakfast – For a healthy day, they need a healthy start as they drive the whole day. Hence, they eat a healthy breakfast. 
  • Shower – Perhaps they take a shower before they go or decide to take one a bit later in the day when truck drivers stop at one of their operating centres or a truck stop when they get fuel and take a break.
  • Pre-Trip Inspection – After breakfast, they will do their pre-trip inspection (think of it as a pilot prefight walk-around review; you’ve reasonably seen them do it on an airliner)

A Typical Afternoon

Now time to see a typical afternoon of a truck driver. In the middle of the day, they will take a 30-minute rest. However, in the matter of safety, it is mandated by the Department of Transportation. Therefore, it is essential to get out of the truck, take a stretch and walk, and enjoy a small lunch or meal to keep them fresh and ready for the second part of the driving day.

A Typical Evening

It’s time to see the third part of the day, which means evening. So now we see the typical evening of the truck driver. If they knew where their day would end, they would have planned to spend the night. Sometimes, one of several trucks stops on the route or in a safe, well-lit rest area.

They often stay overnight in comfort areas that are well maintained or even equipped with modern truck stops. Apart from all this, some states also provide showers and laundry facilities so those people can stay there. In addition, there is a lot of space that is second to none in terms of dining options and plenty of parking and those amenities.

  • Post-trip Inspection – Once parked, they will post-trip inspection of the tractor and trailer to ensure the implement is still in good shape after a day on the road.
  • Paperwork and Workflow – After the review, they will finish any remaining paperwork or Schneider Workflow load-related tasks on the in-cab computer.
  • Dinner And Sleep – Now it’s time to have dinner and good sleep. 

For long driving and a good evening, you need a comfortable truck. There are several truck brands available like Bharatbenz Truck, Mahindra Truck, Tata Truck and many more. 

The Life of a Trucker Is What You Make It

Most of the things that make a truck driver’s life a success lie in the planning and preparation of each trip. Most truck drivers spend 7 1/2 to nine hours driving each day. Other drivers with different schedules may drive more miles in a day. After all, every driver sees something different. So, if you’re looking for ways to maximize your miles, you can do that too!

Whereas the interstate system is where I usually find you tooling yourself to deliver your goods efficiently. It is your responsibility to your fellow motorists to drive your truck safely and be a patient, professional truck driver. The truck driver’s life is what you make of it, and I have found it to be a rewarding career filled with new challenges and opportunities every day!

Health Issues of Truck Drivers 

If anything goes wrong in this routine, then it has a bad effect on their health, due to which their work can also get spoiled. Some major health issues of the truck drivers are mentioned in the below section. 

  • Obesity – Being in the same posture, truckers have to withstand various health problems most of the time, and obesity is one of them. This health condition is usually defined based on body mass index. 
  • Lung Cancer – Over 70 per cent of truck drivers smoke, according to the CDC studies. Apart from this, the truck driver’s life comes in the grip of fatal diseases due to continuous exposure to the gas coming out of diesel.
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea – This health problem is common among drivers, especially smokers and obese people. The affected person may not be able to breathe while sleeping. This is because their tongue folds back and blocks the airflow.

These are some common problems that are the biggest enemies of truck drivers. These all things prove that the truck driver’s life is so tough. And it is not as we see it. So, now we hope that this blog helps you understand truck drivers’ lives and their problems. 

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