How Can You Get a Single Status Certificate from the United States?


How Can You Get a Single Status Certificate from the United States?

In the United States, the single status certificate is known by a different name. The Certificate of No Impediment is what's known in America. This i

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In the United States, the single status certificate is known by a different name. The Certificate of No Impediment is what’s known in America. This isn’t just one name. There are a few more to which it can be referred. 

Why do you need the certificate of no impediment? 

Single Status Certificate

It serves as proof of one’s bachelorhood, similar to birth certificates. When a non-resident intends to marry a native of the United States, the foreign ministry of the United States mandates it. This is to ensure that the potential marriage has no ulterior motives, such as obtaining citizenship in this nation. Furthermore, the non-resident employee may be asked to provide it by the employer here. It’s straightforward to figure out how many children he or she has. 

However, it is usually required for marriage. As a result, the candidate must apply three months before the wedding. This may assist him in obtaining verification prior to marriage. Otherwise, it may be postponed. The marriage will not be permitted unless this document is submitted beforehand. 

Different names of certificates of no record

Single Status Certificate from USA
  • Eligibility to Marry
  • Affidavit of Civil Status
  • Affidavit of Single Status
  • Affidavit of Marriageability
  • Certificate of No Public Record
  • No Record of Marriage Apostille
  • Certificate of No Record – Marriage
  • Certificate of Freedom to Marry Apostille 

How can you get a Single Status Certificate from the United States? 

This paper is essentially a sworn statement or an oath. It verifies that you are the person you claim to be and that you are free to marry.

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You can draught this single status certificate as an affidavit, and have it certified by going to a notary public. In this respect, you can also meet with a subject matter specialist or get it through by reading this great post by Services2NRI. This NRI consulting provider can help you receive a single status certificate in the United States by guiding you through the full process. His advice can help you decide whether or not to add or exclude key data from the document, including as information about your fiancé and their parents. This can assist you in getting it authenticated quickly. You won’t be rejected or asked to refill it. 

Steps to follow

  • Before submitting the “certificate of no impediment,” people must submit the “no record of marriage.” You could also seek advice from the authorized committee to guide you
  • You won’t need to get it notarized once it’s been issued by the County Clerk’s office
  • NRIs to acquire a complete list of addresses, phone numbers, and websites for each consulate, go to the US embassy website: “” From the list, choose the one that is closest to you
  • You can also book the appointment after getting full information on the website
  • In the country where you are, go to the nearest American Consulate or Embassy
  • The consulate officer from the United States will interrogate you about your passport, your parent’s names, your birth certificate, and other facts
  • The competent person will prepare the affidavit and have you sign it after you are satisfied. Then, he signs and attests it to make it legal
  • Then, get it apostille or authenticated by the embassy in Washington, DC 

Documents to enclose

  • Passport
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security number
  • If divorced, Decree Absolute.
  • If widowed, the Death Certificate of the previous spouse (and Marriage Certificate)


It can be not easy to obtain an apostille service for this certificate. Do not entrust this task to inexperienced staff or non-professionals first go through the article mentioned above on how you can get a Single Status Certificate from the United States. They don’t fully comprehend the apostille process and the requirements/documents that come with it in various countries. As a result, your documentation may be denied. So, to avoid this, hire a professional consultant or legal counsel to assist you with the process.