Biotechnology Is an Emerging Field

How Biotechnology Is an Emerging Field?

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Biotechnology is quite an emerging field as it has applications in different areas of life sciences. Here is a list of biotechnological applications that shows how biotechnology is an emerging field.

In the Area of Health Sciences:

Biotechnology pays much attention towards the growing global and public health needs. It has transformed mankind since its existence. It provides operative diagnostics, prevention and treatment measures counting production of novel drugs and recombinant vaccines. It has amazing applications in stem cells therapy.

Recombinant DNA Technology:

rDNA technology is one of the most emerging application of biotechnology. Recombinant DNA and biotechnology can be used to make proteins not normally made in a cell. Additionally, bacteria that carry recombinant DNA could be released into the atmosphere to increase the fertility of the soil as well as serve as an insecticide, or relieve pollution.

Dna Extraction and Gel Electrophoresis:

DNA extraction is the method used to isolate DNA in a living sample. Gel electrophoresis is a process which used to discrete DNA fragments (or some other macromolecules, e.g., RNA and proteins) on the basis of their size and charge. All molecules of DNA have the equivlant quantity of charge per mass. 

Astonishing Applications in Plant Tissue Culture

Plant tissue culture is a assembly of techniques which are used to uphold or grow plant cells, tissues or organs below sterile conditions on a nutrient culture medium of recognized composition. It is extensively used to make plant clones in a method identified as micropropagation.


Applications of nanotechnology have arisen with increasing need of nanoparticle uses in numerous fields of food science and food microbiology, counting food dispensation, food packaging, useful food development, food safety, detection of foodborne pathogens, and shelf-life allowance of food and/or food products.

The normal person even now meets nanotechnology in a variability of everyday consumer products – nanoparticles of silver are usually used to give antimicrobial features in hand washes, dressings, and socks, and zinc or titanium nanoparticles are the lively UV-protective elements in modern sunscreens.

Next-Generation Sequencing:

Next-generation sequencing could make large-scale whole-genome sequencing (WGS) nearby and practical for the average researcher. It allows scientists to analyze the whole human genome in a single sequencing experiment, or sequence thousands to tens of thousands of genomes in 1 year.

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies bid high-amount, rapid and accurate methods of defining the precise order of nucleotides within DNA/RNA molecules.

How Biotechnology Is Used in Plant Transformation?

Plant transformation let the entry of the gene of interest for producing new transgenic plants.

Plant biotechnology is actually a set of methods used to adapt plants for specific requirements or opportunities. Plant biotechnologies that help in developing new diversities and traits include genetics and genomics, marker-assisted selection (MAS), and transgenic (genetic engineered) crops

In microbiology:

Biotechnology and Microbiology are 2 major areas of Biological Sciences with a astonishing application related to their domain. Microbiology is an area of biological science describing the microbe’s world in terms of their proteomics and genomics and their applications in food as well as in pharmaceutical, and biotech industries. Microbes are used as a tool in microbiological research.

Microbial Genomics in Industrial Biotechnology:

Microbial Genomics and Biotechnology is actually the study of microbial genes and genome regulation, function, and ecology, organization, and applied strategies for harnessing microbes (their genes, enzymes, and metabolic outputs) for human endeavors. The advancement of industrial enzymes has subjected heavily to the use of microbial sources.

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