Bodybuilding Journey

Highs and Lows of My Bodybuilding Journey


I was always a lean, shy and introverted child. At school, I was one of those who were picked by classmates for being too skinny and underweight. For the record, I belong to a family where being overweight seems fine but being underweight is considered a serious crime so you could imagine all the sneer taunts I had to face at the dinner table.

Although I was never socially active, a friend of mine took me to the gym where I discovered that the body you’re born with might not be the body you’ll die with. I started training in the appetency of a physique, which I’m comfortable in. Little did I know that, body is built in the kitchen and shaped in the gym.

As I mentioned I was skinny, I always had a poor appetite and was never a fan of a healthy diet, but the athletic physique where my goal was set, demanded a healthy diet. I wrote a proper diet chart which marked my daily carbs intake, and followed it religiously.

Even as a beginner bodybuilder, you must eat 5-6 times daily and all my stomach was used to, was hardly a couple of meals daily. As I started eating more and more, my stomach started reacting to this sudden change of diet in a rather, painful manner. I had to take a bunch of tablets before eating any meal, just so my stomach could digest it without inducing any cramps or sores. But medicinal aid did not last for too long as the human body is designed to get used to how it is treated. In a couple of months, I was eating six integrated meals per day with all kinds of protein smoothies and whatnot. Furthermore, I also started using steroids from TeamRoids for the purpose of improving muscle mass. It is the best place to buy anabolic steroids.

I was making steady progress but people around me never saw it coming. Including my family, everyone told me I was doing things the wrong way and I should just quit training. Gain unhealthy weight by consuming sugary sodas, candies and bakery products. Even I lost faith for once and fell into the pit of self loathing as I was 12 months into training and yet my BMI was below 18.5.

That’s when depression hit me. The sheer thought of working hard for my goal and watching it move even further from me, made me depressed. I was crumbling in a state of denial whether all of it was just a dream? Do I have to live with this skinny, loathsome body for my entire life? Is there no way out of the bullying and mockery that I face every day? Questions like these always popped up whenever I stepped into the gym but they never stopped me from lifting weights. The reason for my depression was actually the cure to it.

I started training even harder. Things came to the point where I used to spend more than four hours in the gym. I used to have my breakfast and jog my way to the gym in the morning. I used to have my cardio and acrobats session for 2 hours in the morning and weight training in the evening. After 20 months, I competed in a state level Bodybuilding Championship and stood first in it.

At this moment, all of the struggles turned out to be worth it. I still remember that proud smile, glowing on the faces of each member of my family. I finally had my reason to believe in miracles as the journey from a skinny, medically unfit boy to acquiring the most athletic physique in the entire state sounds like a miraculous fiction movie.

Today, I ran a training academy where people of every age are welcomed to chase their dream physique, as I chased mine. I still train for 3 hours a day because the day I won is still the reason for not quitting. The path I walked on was not an easy one, but it sure made me stronger and confident in my skin.

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