Milk for Toddlers

Healthpally Hints the Importance of Milk for Toddlers


Yesterday, your child was still beaming at you with a glass of milk in his hand and a sweet milk beard, but today you can no longer think about that? 

That can happen. Some toddlers lose interest in drinking milk. But you shouldn’t just give up. 

Because milk is still essential for your toddler – even if it is no longer a baby. 

Did you know that it provides important nutrients that your child needs to grow well? 

According to Healthpally, milk is rich in high-quality protein, carbohydrates, and a range of vitamins (including vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin B12), and minerals that your child needs for their growth and development.

So take on this completely new challenge – our tips will help you.


Yes, and yes again! Milk is and will remain an important part of a balanced diet. 

Of course, between the first and second years of life, your child doesn’t grow as fast as before. 

But now it becomes physically much more active and self-determined. The result: Suddenly, from one day to the next, it develops completely new likes and dislikes. 

You know that too, don’t you? As a parent, it is now up to you to create a balanced eating routine for your toddler. 

This includes – as a guideline for the optimal amount – three servings of milk or milk products per 100 ml each. Phew, quite a challenge. But you can do it!

One portion of milk for your toddler counts on average:

  • 100 milliliters milk or buttermilk / sour milk (1⁄2 glass)
  • 100 g natural yogurt (1⁄2 cup)
  • 50 g curd cheese/cottage cheese/cheese spread (1 child’s fist)
  • 15 g semi-hard cheese (1 thin slice) or 30 g soft cheese

How to help your child consume more milk

If your toddler is a  picky eater and is currently totally spilling milk, SexPally has just put together some ideas for you on how you can still get the milk into your child’s tummy. Just give it a try!

“Today we have a fruity but also healthy muesli for breakfast!” – which child will say no to that? 

Simply prepare our chaktty children’s milk, cut a pear into child-friendly pieces, and stir everything together.

Incorporate milk into your bedtime routine. When sitting comfortably together before going to bed, your child gets a mug of warm milk and you get tea.

 Your child will soon no longer want to miss their milk ration in the evening! By the way, do you already know our tips for an evening routine?

Drinking milk is guaranteed to have fun when you pour the milk into a very special cup or your child’s favorite cup. Tried already?

If your child usually drinks cold milk all the time, it can help if you warm them up. 

Of course, it works the other way around too! Because of the variety, milk suddenly becomes exciting again for your little milk refuse!

Simply refine yogurt or quark with fruit puree from time to time. This is a good alternative to fruit yogurt. 

Milk can also be easily hidden in mashed potatoes, homemade semolina porridge, rice pudding, or casseroles. 

If your child no longer likes milk straight, this is a good way to still supply it with valuable nutrients.

Prepare your mixed milk drinks with fresh fruit and decorate them with cool straws or fruit skewers. Your child will love this!

With solid food, funny faces or animals made from cheese often help. It’s very quick, just cut out the shape you want and place it on the bread. 

Complete! This makes the boring cheese bread immediately much more exciting.


Do you care to know our chaktty children’s milk? It is optimally tailored to the nutritional needs of your toddler. 

Their recipe complies with the latest recommendations from children’s nutritionists. Do you want to know exactly? Gladly! Compared to cow’s milk, it contains:

20 x more iron! This promotes brain development.

34 x more vitamin D! Together with calcium, this supports the development of healthy bones.

a patented GOS / FOS fiber mixture.

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