Granite Countertops - A Long-Term Investment

Granite Countertops – A Long-Term Investment


Do you want to buy some of the highest quality natural stones? Go for granite and trust granite suppliers Chicago. As a top company, we at Universal Granite & Marble offer you the widest collection of granite, marble, porcelain and more. When it comes to choosing experienced trust granite suppliers Chicago, simply consider us and we will never disappoint you. We are the leading granite suppliers Cleveland as well, so give us a call and let’s discuss your needs.

Founded in 1999, Universal Granite & Marble is recognized as one of the most successful natural stone and engineered surface suppliers in the United States. Having locations in Chicago IL, Detroit MI, Cleveland OH, Milwaukee WI, St. Louis MO, and Omaha, NE, UGM currently has more than 500 square feet of stone gallery and showroom space. At UGM, you can always find perfect products as we ensure to give you the best value for your investment.

We are reliable suppliers

UGM imports a wide range of natural and engineered stone from all over the globe. These countries include India, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Columbia, Egypt, Israel, Portugal, China, France, Norway, Canada, Turkey, and Peru. UGM has an extensive range of suppliers, so we guarantee to deliver granite, marble, quartzite, quartz, porcelain, and many other surfaces all year round. All customers can be sure to have access to their desired surface any time of the year. Being top granite suppliers Cleveland, our experts ensure your 100% satisfaction. Although there are many types of materials you can choose to use for your kitchen and bathroom countertops, granite has many unique advantages. Now let’s dive into some of the most stunning benefits that make granite stand out.

Granite Advantages

  • Easy to maintain

Granite is quite easy to clean and maintain its awesome beauty. All you need to do is to have it properly sealed. Due to proper sealing, you can be sure there are no bacteria on your kitchen countertop. Sealing is a great way that makes granite countertops nonporous and that makes it really easy to clean. Just take warm water and a cloth in order to use any spill.

  • Excellent beauty

Granite countertops are one of the additions that can upgrade the whole space. They add a unique touch to any home making it look more modern. Granite comes in a variety of colors which means that it can suit the cabinets and floor. It also gives you the choice to choose one that will give your house the effect you are looking for. Simply contact our granite suppliers Detroit and be sure granite will give you the advantage of having a unique countertop that you will never find anywhere else.

  • Heat Resistance

The kitchen is the busiest room, so we know that you want such material for your countertop that is able to withstand heat. That is why we advise you to choose granite as it resists heat from many hot objects. You can set hot pans and pots on the granite and it will never cause any damage.

  • Easy Installation

Just have your granite countertops installed and follow the steps of the granite installer. You will see how fast and easy the whole process is.

  • Boost the value of your home

If you are planning to renovate your house, look no further and go for a granite countertop. Be sure it can increase the value of your home in an amazing way. Also, make sure the installation is done professional so that the results will be ideal. Thanks to granite, you can sell your home quickly and at a better price.

  • Long-term investment

If you are looking for a material that lasts a lifetime, then we advise you to remodel your kitchen countertop with granite. Yes, this is a material that can serve you forever. Granites will last more than any other countertop. Just invest in granite and you will never regret it.

  • Quality

Granite is really an excellent choice for areas which are used frequently. So after installing granite for kitchen or bathroom, you will see it holds up beautifully under wear and tear. Because it is difficult to damage, granite is also a kid-friendly option.It resists chipping and cracking and thus it will last you a lifetime.

Granite Suppliers Detroit

If you live in Detroit then just consider our granite suppliers Detroit for delivering granite slabs. Rest assured that each of these granite slabs is unlike any other. The reason is simple – this stone is mined from the earth and then cut into individual slabs, which means your granite countertops will be different, just something truly special. There are many color options to choose from. Choose from a variety of patterns including veins, specks, and swirls. The appearance of the stone can even change throughout based on different lighting on the material. Simply call our granite suppliers Detroit or visit us for a showroom to choose the style you wish to buy.

Granite Suppliers Chicago

UGM also has experienced Granite Suppliers Chicago who provide bespoke solutions to every customer. Just rely on us for quality granite slabs if you want to change your countertops and be sure granite will increase the value of a house. The luxurious feel granite adds to a kitchen is just incredible. The kitchen is every home’s heart, so never think twice and use granite to make it more impressive and convenient. Being top Granite Suppliers Chicago, we ae always there to assist you and provide the most correct advice. Hurry up to order this timeless, classic granite and you’ll appreciate the results. Head to our showroom and select granite in person. We are ready to help you pick the one that goes best with your renovation project and special requirements. After purchasing, you will realize that granite countertops are not a much of a purchase because they are a long-term investment.

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