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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 24th October 2022 Written Update: A Shocking Nightmare for Sai

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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 24th October 2022 Written Episode Update on Trendz 4 Friend
Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Latest Update

Episode starts with Sai acting as mythical being in Ram-leela play. She offers a speech to Luv and Kush whereas everybody gets affected along with her act. Meanwhile, Savi and Vinayak plays the role of Luv and Kush. They says their dialogue whereas audiences claps for them being affected with their talent. all of them performs with nice effort and everybody enjoys the playing. Whereas, Mohit additionally joins them as Lakshman and continues the play. Sai and Virat smiles seeing their children activity nicely on the stage and laughs at their mistakes.

Here, Luv and Kush comes before of Lakshman and that they gets into a banter. Meanwhile, Ram additionally comes there and confronts them regarding their determine. Whereas, mythical being additionally joins them and Luv at the side of Kush calls her as their mother.. Ram gets dismayed learning regarding it and confronts the latter regarding the reality.

Sita stays silent so Ram finds regarding the reality of Luv and Kush being his children. He tells them regarding it whereas they instantly hugs Ram and pours their emotions out. Savi and Vinayak cries foreplay Virat whereas Sai remembers her past and is bothered Savi’s reference to Virat. She additionally becomes emotional so hides her tears from others.

Elsewhere, Virat notices Sai being unhappy and gets confused. He stays silent and observes her whereas she appearance at the scene of Virat foreplay each Savi and Vinayak. She re-thinks regarding her call of concealing the reality from Savi regarding her father. She is bothered the implications so appearance far from Virat.

Everyone appreciates the playing performed by the Chavans family and also the judges shows their feeling towards Bhavani for property her family facilitate them. She smiles towards the latter and fakes her happiness once seeing Sai with Virat. Whereas, Pakhi additionally gets jealous hearing compliments for Sai and Virat as a few. Meanwhile, the playing got completed and also the actors gets applauded by the audience.

Ahead, Savi shares her expertise with Sai and tells that once she hugged Virat she felt connected to him. She states that she felt Virat is her real father, whereas Sai becomes dismayed. She raise Savi to not overthink whereas the latter gets unhappy. Meanwhile, she additionally tells regarding however she think about Vinayak as her brother and states that they each area unit continually there to safeguard each other.

Vinayak keeps talking regarding Savi whereas uptake whereas Bhavani raise him to target his food. She gets irked by his continues talks regarding Savi and accuses the latter for manipulating him. He shows his concern towards her and says that she is like his sister. Meanwhile, Chavans suggests Virat and Pakhi to start out their family. They raise them to set up a baby as Vinayak wants a relation for himself.

Later, Virat and Pakhi appearance at each other being silent. Meanwhile, Sai sees a nightmare wherever Savi involves her crying and accuses the latter for being a lier. Sai gets distressed for Savi and tries to calm her down however the latter keeps crying and proclaims that Sai has hidden the reality regarding Virat being her father. Whereas, Savi goes towards Virat and hugs him whereas he appearance at Sai with shock. At that point the latter wakes up and starts panicking whereas Usha tries to calm her down.

Precap:- Virat remembers his moment with Savi wherever she asked him regarding her father. He gets into turmoil and queries himself that why Sai hasn’t told Savi regarding his father. He states that Sai continually needs things to be her manner and proclaims that she thinks he’s wrong as a result of once in past he didn’t united to her and stood along with his family rather than her. He gets flashes of the time once Sai left the house with Vinayak. Meanwhile, Virat can confirm to assist Savi and proclaims to search out her father.

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