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The registration process in Dubai demands your valuable time and money. To get authentic approvals and paperwork completion you need help from business setup consultants in Dubai. The consultancy agencies have the right people for the right task, they can provide you best services for your business setup Dubai.

KWSME is considered among those high-quality service-providing firms that can assist you in the completion of business registration free of cost. There are some steps related to company formation in Dubai which can easily be resolved with KWSME free consultation and that business registration procedure is explained in detail below:

How KWSME helps concerning business setup Dubai

KWSME are offering economical consultancy facility to their clients who are unaware of tangled situations and trapped with the lengthy course of approval of company’s documents from government departments. With KWSME assistance you can solve your major business setup Dubai problems effectively and efficiently.

  • KWSME can help to select the business activity

The first grass root level of company setup in Dubai is choosing your business type. This decision will be the key point of your success or failure in approving your business activities in the future. If your business activity is linked with providing services then a commercial or professional license application must be obtained from DED (Dubai Department of Economic Development).

The industrial or trading activity needs a commercial license which can be obtained after sending an application to DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodities Centre). KWSME can guide you about government division will be your main priority to send and receive business setup Dubai registration application form and documents.

Some other activities require approval from government bodies such as:

  • Veterinary activities require approval from Dubai Municipality.
  • Clinics-related activities need to get approval from Dubai Health Authority.
  • Manufacturing activities must get approval from Dubai Municipality.

KWSME has a legal partnership with all of these governmental sections to offer you hassle-free consultation and approval of permits.

  • KWSME can help in Trademark Reservation

The legal name is extremely important for your company because Dubai Courts can take serious action against your firm if the name violates norms of UAE policies. The trademark should be unique and must have no copyright issue.  The DED has complete right to cancel your company’s name application if they discover any fragment of unethical word or copy issue is spotted.

With KWSME, you can easily get your company’s trademark within weeks because this business setup consultants in Dubai can contact DED to create a specific registered name without any minor issue.

  • Pre-Approval Stage/MOA

If you are starting your business in the free zone or mainland then a pre-approval application is required for business setup Dubai. KWSME can help you to complete and submit a pre-approval form online which will save your time for skipping the step of going to the registrar.

In this phase KWSME can also assemble your forms, finalize deals with local sponsors/shareholders, registering a company name and management approvals. The Memorandum of Association (MOA) is also the main part of the pre-approval process which can easily be completed by KWSME. KWSME can get the legal signatures of your business partners and MOA drafting can be handled by KWSME.

  • Licensing issue

The trade license dues depend on your business type, the professional license is slightly cheaper compared to a commercial or industrial license. KWSME will get your license approval and issuance before 30days limit and after completing this stage you are just two steps away from starting your brand-new business setup Dubai.

This company formation in Dubai can help you to renew your license after the end of the expiry date. The online license issuance documents required:

  •  Copies of business partners’ passports and immigration cards.
  • Original copy of MOA.
  • Approved letter by DED of your company’s registered name.
  • Passport size photos.
  • Copy of original receipt of license dues paid to DED.

KWSME can get you Real-time updates about your business licensing procedure and with free assistance they can send you permits anywhere in Dubai.

  • Renting Business Office

The office space decision-making is a tough stage for starters in Dubai. There are dozens of places that are offering room for rent for your small-scale business setup Dubai. KWSME can give you early ideas before renting the room for the fully furnished offices.

They can give you a suggestion for representative office which can be fitted-out office space or open-plan facility according to your demand. If you consult with the KWSME team, they can guide you best affordable rooms for rent to complete your company formation in Dubai.

  • VISA processing and Bank Account opening

KWSME administration and PRO team manage VISA processing in the free zone or mainland regions of Dubai. This business setup consultants in Dubai will serve you an amazing VISA package consists of residents, family, and employees. KWSME can renew your VISA program if you are willing to stay in Dubai for a long period.

They have approval links with Dubai Courts and Emirates Identity Authority. If you hire KWSME at the start of your visit to Dubai, they can also complete your Emirates Identity card paperwork at a reasonable cost.

How to contact KWSME?

Congratulations, you have now complete information about company setup in Dubai and you can get expert consultation from KWSME by simply visiting their website

Feel free to search more on their website and gain interesting facts about business setup Dubai.

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