Flutter vs React Native

Flutter vs React Native: What to Choose?


Mobile applications have transformed the way businesses work across the globe. The apps can be the best way to reach your customers and boost your sales and visibility. Most of the companies and reputed organizations have exclusively designed mobile apps for interacting with the clientele and intimating them about the new ventures, products and other developments.

The newbies as well are establishing mobile applications for improving the brand reach and growth prospects. To put it simply, the mobile app is an unavoidable requirement for the success of a brand or business. There comes the question of mobile app framework to choose. The doubt is more confusing when two digital giants lock their horns; Google and Facebook.

Flutter vs React Native – What to Choose?

That’s a tricky question! Flutter owned by Google and React Native from Facebook; both are popular and leading app development frameworks. Both have pros and cons. How can one simply say which one is better? Majorly the platform to choose will depend on your requirement. We will give you a brief idea about Flutter and React Native for you to assess, which one you want. Alternately, approach any reputed app development company in Kochi or any other region to have a detailed discussion in this regard. React Native or Flutter app Development Company in Kerala will examine your needs and advise you accordingly.

Flutter or React Native – The Right One to Choose

This is a controversial topic. As both the frameworks have devoted fan following. Developers qualified in the specific platform will declare the one they are expert to be the best. Entering into the whirlpool of debate on Flutter vs React Native will not be advisable. As it would be a never-ending one. The supporters of both will proclaim theirs to be the best.

Let us have a look at the specialities of both the platforms.


Owned by Google, Flutter has gained quick popularity over the past couple of years. There are exclusive features that help in easy and diverse development of mobile applications. That has been instrumental in augmenting the popularity of the framework. The credibility of the search engine stalwart has also played a role in establishing the framework as the leading one.

The open-source UI toolkit from Flutter has an extensive widget library. It can be used for designing user-oriented seamless infrastructure in the app. The flexible coding and usage of single coding for mobiles and desktop websites make it more acceptable.

The advantages of using Flutter are:

  • It can be integrated with third-party tool APIs without any complications. And the integration tests could be undertaken with the subject APIs.
  • Collection of widget libraries that could be customized according to your requirement.
  • Quick design and development.
  • The Flutter framework is flexible for designers to embody design changes, additional buttons, and specific functionalities.
  • Layered architecture for enabling optimal design enhancements.
  • Feature-loaded apps can be developed with this framework.
  • Guaranteed performance in both iOS and Android OS.
  • Exceptional support for text features.
  • Mobile-oriented 2D rendering.
  • Testing on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Interop and Plug-in APIs that help in connecting to third party SDK

The Flutter app development companies in Kerala can help you with more details about the exclusivities of this framework. You may consult them to know whether you should go for this platform for designing the app for you.

React Native

The app development framework, React Native, from the social media giant, Facebook has been creating a buzz since 2015. It shot to popularity rapidly, on introduction, with the outstanding advantages offered. React Native could be considered as one of the most suitable frameworks for developing hybrid mobile applications.

The benefits of React Native framework, based on our analysis, are appended below:

  • Elegant User Interface is the first thing that is worth mentioning. This framework has an interactive and catchy UI that will impress the users in the first look itself.
  • Quick and easy navigation owing to the thoughtfully prepared interface will keep the customer engaged, as well as, help them in moving from one segment to another without any ambiguity.
  • The framework will not load the mobile. Therefore, the faster, user-friendly, response on navigating.
  • An elaborate library containing both iOS and Android UIs.
  • The simple and easy coding possibilities include automated codes that help in-app enhancement with time and introduction of new products, features etcetera.
  • Easy integration of updates.
  • Outstanding performance is another noteworthy aspect of this framework.
  • Efficacy could be analyzed easily as the framework uses Flexbox

Mobile app development companies in Kochi have some of the best React Native and Flutter app developers from Kerala and other parts of the country. They can deliver you cost-effective, custom-built, mobile applications. Contact mobile app development companies in Kochi today to design and develop an app for your brand.

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