Finding the Right Home for Your Photography Studio in Bangalore


Finding the Right Home for Your Photography Studio in Bangalore

“We keep this love in photographs, We make these memories for ourselves!”  As the lyrics from Ed Sheeran’s hit song “ Photograph” goes, we

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“We keep this love in photographs,

We make these memories for ourselves!” 

As the lyrics from Ed Sheeran’s hit song “ Photograph” goes, we all make good memories, and when we do, we love to freeze those priceless moments. We would keep them close, like a pressed flower stuffed into our hearts, only to go back to those memories and cherish them forever. 

We all love to keep our memories in photographs and photographers have always helped us serve the half brewed nostalgia of the days that are long gone by.

People’s love for photography has drastically evolved over the years and that is why photography as a profession has gained momentum. And, Bangalore has seen the most giant studios and vibrant photography professionals ever.   

So, if you are planning to hunt for a perfectly managed and beautifully crafted office space in Bangalore to set up your dream photography studio and office, this blog will guide you in finding the right one through 4 simple steps. 

Identify Your Target Audience

Finding the perfect location for your photography studio in Bangalore is not a difficult task. All you have to do is prioritise your customer base. If you are a portrait photographer whose customer list includes family and friends, then a normal place in the city of Bangalore would be enough. 

But, if you are into product or fashion photography, it’s better to choose a prime location in Bangalore that attracts businesses and millennials. So, before you choose a location, identify your audience and then finalise the location accordingly.

Find the Perfect Location 

Before you set up your office space cum photography studio, identify your needs, target audience, and the amenities you will require before finalising the location. Make sure you choose a spot that is easily accessible to your clients and employees and has enough transportation facilities. 

You will also need to travel for your work, so, it is always advisable to have your studio located somewhere in the centre of the city. Be it JP Nagar or Koramangala, you should do your own research on the type of people, culture, and livelihood of a place before you choose a location.  

Choose the Right Property 

Find the best office space in Bangalore with a reliable contract, so that you will not have to shift places sooner. Check whether the space is spacious and has all the basic facilities such as parking availability, security services, washroom, and cafeteria facilities. 

Make sure there is enough storage space because your studio will need it in order to accommodate your gadgets and properties. Plan your budget and once it is finalised, look for preferable properties that will suit your needs. 

Go for the Best Interiors

Photography studios are not just about the camera and the equipment. The lighting and the interiors play a vital role in how you portray your clients and their products. You can’t just paint a room a neutral colour and call it a day and expect to get the most out of your photography. You need to set up your space in a way that maximises natural light while minimising distractions. 

Make sure you decorate your waiting area in a way that attracts your customers and gives them a good first impression of your work. Remember, your testimonials decorating the waiting lounge will be assessed to evaluate your work quality.

Take Away 

Whether it’s the people, the Bougainvillaea-filled walkways, or the periodic rains that pour in, Bangalore is undoubtedly a beautiful location to be. And setting up a photography studio in Bangalore is one of the most amazing things you can do.

So, without much ado, find the perfect office space available in Bangalore and transform it into your dream studio!