Five Factors that Can Influence Your Business Loan Approval

Five Factors that Can Influence Your Business Loan Approval


In the current scenario people are more focused on starting their own business. The concept of entrepreneurship is the emerging trend and a concept all together in this generation, especially during this pandemic situation.

For starting or expansion of any business, one always needs finance. Finance is a crucial necessity and securing it at the correct time is even more important. The delay in the arrangement of funds from the financial institution may lead to losing your lucrative business opportunity.

One should understand the implication of convenient disbursal of loans and for this you have to ensure preparedness during the process of business loan application.

Moreover, no one wants the rejection of business loan documents as it may lead to the wastage of crucial time, and further also affect the credit score.

There are several factors that affect the approval of business loans from the financial organization. In this article, we will get to know the five vital factors that influence the business loan approval process.

Credit score

Business Loan Approval

The most crucial factor for a successful loan application is a good credit score. It is necessary for business owners to maintain a high credit score. Financial institutions always consider the personal credit score of business owners for the approval of their first business loan.

Applicants with a credit score of 700 or more get decent business loan interest rates. Substitute lenders or NBFCs attempt to compress the gap developed by financial institutions by furnishing fresh business loans to borrowers thereby providing them with a seamless and smooth experience.

Therefore, small business owners with fewer credit scores choose private NBFCs to avail of a small business loan. Accurate payment of dues, transparency in transactions and invoicing the purchase with dealers help in getting promising credit history.

The duration of your business

In some cases banks and NBFCs analyse the period of business, cash flow, statement of business transactions and numerous other factors to approve a loan. In many instances the annual percentage rate (APR) of small businesses is usually high.

Good transparency leads to a smooth flow in loan approval. The majority of private lenders specifically gives small business loans. Hence business vintage also plays an important role in influencing the business loan approval.

Collateral concept

Financial institutions curtail lending risk by expecting small entrepreneurs to utilize their assets as collateral to safeguard micro small and medium enterprises MSME loan.

Moneylenders authorize small businesses to use their property, equipment, and identical business investments as collateral. But on the other side, NBFCs provide collateral-free loans to MSME owners.

The niche of business

The nature of the business is an important factor in loan application. More risk in the business may lead to the slow down of whole loan process and the institutions may charge high interest for the same.

Comprehensive market research on the prospect of your business can be utilized to persuade your banking or NBFC partner in getting an overview of the vision.

Business Plan

A proper encapsulated business plan is always necessary for the banks or NBFCs, knows that what is in your mind about the future of the business. A proper well structured business plan is always necessary for new business owner who want to start a new firm or to a prevailing owner who want to promote the existing firm.

If the enterprise plan is stunning, then the subsequent process for a business loan approval will get faster. The business owner needs to explain the entire motive of the loan, requirement, and other aspects to keep a blueprint of the business plan handy.


The above-mentioned aspects play a substantial role in making your loan application quicker and more beneficial, allowing you to concentrate on your business aspects.

Prior to processing your loan, you must always check the business loan eligibility for approval ease. Having a precise knowledge of the lenders’ criteria’s can make aspects more relaxed during the process of the loan application.

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