Eyelash Enhancement Tattoo, Eyeliner Tattoo Auckland


Have you decided to make your look more attractive? Would you like to leave everybody stunned by your beauty? Brows & Beyond can help you get the most exciting beauty services that can enhance your look in no time at all. One of the best solutions you can opt for is Eyelash Enhancement Tattoo as well as Eyeliner Tattoo Auckland. These two services can make you look stunning and feel so confident. However, before going for eyelash enhancement tattoo or eyeliner tattoo, let’s first understand how they can make you feel more beautiful. When we dig into the details, you will realize their importance and rush to a specialist for these innovative beauty services.

Benefits of Eyelash Enhancement Tattoo

Eyelash extension is a great solution for those women who have always wanted to have long, beautiful, maintained and voluminous lashes. Thanks to this procedure, you will avoid using mascara every day which also means that you save a lot of time. Due to Eyelash Enhancement Tattoo, you are able to wake up each morning looking fabulous and attractive. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? This is such a service that can boost your confidence and make you feel more beautiful.

Eyelash extension is the best way to save a lot of time and efforts. Nowadays, it has become very trendy and many more women go for this tattoo as it brings a number of benefits. During this process, the expert lash maker applies synthetic or natural hair fibres individually and then attached them to the base of every eyelash by using surgical glue. Note that every fake lash is applied one by one to your eyelashes, so the process is long but last long. For getting the best results, you can have touch-ups every two to three weeks and this will help you enjoy lash extensions for a long time.

Pros of Eyelash Tattoo

  • It looks beautiful

Eyelash enhancement tattoo looks more natural than any type of strip of false eyelashes. You just need to deal with a professional in order to have the process done right. Thanks to this service, you can enjoy more dramatic results than if you have used mascara. With the help of eyelash extension, you can finally get the gorgeous lashes you want with one appointment. Therefore, you will not need to apply or remove mascara every single day or feel worried about mascara smearing over your face.

  • It can save you time

When you have lash extensions it feels like you are wearing a beautiful makeup. This will also help you save much time in the morning because your look will be ready once you wake up.

  • It can last for a long time

Lash extensions look perfect up to 3 weeks but they start to fall out gradually beyond that time. However, if you go for regular fills, you will have fuller lashes for a long time.

  • Eyelash extension gives a glamorous feel

Many women have difficulty in wearing makeup on a daily basis, especially when they are on holidays or when they are busy. However, women always want to look modern and attractive, no matter how busy or lazy they are. That’s where eyelash extension comes to help you. Due to the eyelash extension, you will look glamorous all day long without the need to refresh your mascara. It reduces the time spent in the makeup room and helps you have a great look despite everything.

Why go for Eyeliner Tattoo Auckland

Another great solution for women is eyeliner tattoo. If you want to look perfect but you are lazy enough or you simply don’t have time to put on makeup every single morning then never think twice and go for this amazing Eyeliner Tattoo Auckland offered Brows & Beyond. Simply book an appointment today and let the specialists boost your confidence and improve your look in no time at all. Now let’s explore some of the benefits that this semi-permanent eyeliner service brings:

  • It saves time

Save much time every morning and go for eyeliner tattoo. Trying to get your liquid liner on a regular basis is not only difficult but also stressful. So in order to avoid all those things, simply schedule an appointment at Brows & Beyond. Let the experts provide this tattoo service and you won’t have to apply or reapply your liner anymore.

  • A great solution for shaky hands

If your hands are shaky then look no further and go for an eyeliner tattoo service! In fact, having professional tattoo eyeliner on your eyes saves you lots of difficulties.

  • You save much money

Buying quality and branded eyeliners can be really expensive. So investing in Eyeliner Tattoo Auckland is much more affordable than buying such expensive products.

  • Your makeup will look perfect 24/7

It doesn’t matter what you are doing or where you are that time, your eyeliner will look amazing anytime. Just wake up and see yourself in the mirror. You will see a beautiful picture and enjoy your attractive look even if you have just woken up. Moreover, you can have a bath, exercise or swim, your eyeliner will look the same and you will have the peace of mind that you have a perfect look.

  • It makes you look younger

Almost all women want to look younger than they are. One of the best solutions is applying eyeliner. However, there is no need to use it when there is the eyeliner tattoo service. Thanks to semi-permanent eyeliner, your eyelashes will look rich and your eyes will become more open.


As you see semi-permanent makeup, including eyeliner tattoo and eyelash extensions are increasingly being worn by busy women worldwide. These two are safe procedures and if you deal with an expert team like Brows & Beyond, you can rest assured that you will get dramatic results. Moreover, both Eyeliner Tattoo Auckland and Eyelash Enhancement Tattoo are pain-free procedures, so you will never have to worry about anything. Just contact this professional team and book an appointment for consultation.

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