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DIY – Guide to Be on the World’s Most Visited Website


According to the list of the world’s top most visited websites, with Google being on number 1, Wikipedia (the virtual encyclopedia) is also in the top 20 websites. Everyday millions of people are searching for millions and billions of things on Google and most of us simply prefer to refer the results that are coming from wikipedia.

So, over the years, wikipedia has made quite a reputation for itself as being one of the most reliable and trustworthy source of information, for people all over the world. Now, another reason for people to use wikipedia on an increasing basis is the fact that this virtual encyclopedia probably has the world largest online collection of information that ever been assembled. There is an abundance of topics and subjects about which reliable and authentic information is present on this platform. 

What Makes Wikipedia Such a Large Collection of Information?

Ever wonder how wikipedia has been able to piece together such an extensive collection of reliable information online? Well, most of us might have done this over the period of time and the answer to this is that wikipedia has allowed general public to make contributions to this platform. So, all of you, who ask can anyone write a wikipedia page or can everyone make edits on wikipedia pages should understand that yes, everyone and anyone can create or edit wiki pages. It is a platform created with the purpose of creating awareness by letting people provide information to other people. And it is working wonders, right?

Now, as for how one can show their presence on this virtual platform then it is very simple, you should create a wikipedia page. Simple, right? Well, technically speaking it is not as simple as it sounds because creating a wiki page is a grueling job. Even though everyone has the permission to create wikis but only a handful of people are actually doing it, if you see the percentage of people and compare with the total population of the world. 

Step by Step Guide to Create Wikis

The creation of wiki pages may become easier if you know how to do it. Here is a proven step by step guide, followed by many beginners, starting their page creation careers.

Step # 1 – Register Yourself:
The first step in the page creation process requires you to simply create an account on wikipedia, which is not that big of a deal or a difficult task. In fact, this can be known to be one of the simplest things to do in the whole page creation process. All you must focus on is the “create account” option on the top right side of your screen when you visit the website. Clicking on the button will take you to a page where you will be required to fill out information fields. Fill out the information and sign up for wikipedia. 

Step # 2 – Pick a Title:
As easy as this step may sound, it is not. Picking a title which is catering to the notability guidelines of the virtual encyclopedia may become a little troublesome for beginners. However, this is not the only thing that one should be focusing on because when you are selecting a title for your wiki page you must go for a title, which is unique and has never been covered on the platform before. Because if it is covered by someone before you then you can make edits on the existing page but not create a new page with the same title.

Step # 3 – Research: 

Thoroughly conduct research on your selected title and make sure that you are not including any original research as that would be going against the Wikipedia’s core content policies.   

Step # 4 – Create Content:

Creating content for your page is quite a tricky task. You must write in accordance with Wikipedia’s content policies and guidelines. This will help you get your wikis approved much easily. Your content must also be written in a neutral tone and should be based on facts.

Step # 5 – Submit:

With submitting your page, this process will come to an end. However, you should check it thoroughly before submitting it for the final review and screening. 

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