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Guide to Choose a Simple Wedding or Destination Wedding under the Circumstances of COVID


About 10 million weddings are held in India every year, but this number went down when COVID-19 struck the world in 2020. A lot of marriages were postponed or got canceled due to the rise in the number of cases in India. And if you are one of those couples who has faced a similar issue, then we know you might be a little too worried when planning your wedding at the moment, especially if it is a destination wedding that you want to host in Pune, then you might need to hire a destination wedding Planner in Pune.

Since the spread of COVID-19 has reduced and social gatherings are allowed to a certain extent, you can get married in a simple and subtle ceremony. However, if you want to go the extra mile and get married at a destination far from home just for the joy of it, then you can surely go ahead, but with the assistance of your destination wedding planner in Mumbai. If you are confused about hosting a simple wedding ceremony or a destination wedding at one of your favorite spots, then we’re here to help you make a quick decision. But first, we need to understand in detail the differences between a regular or simple wedding and a destination wedding and how each one is ideal under the COVID-19 circumstances.

Regular / Simple Wedding

A regular wedding is hosted at a venue close to you and where your guests can reach easily.  These weddings are something we see usually. Since there are countless amazing wedding venues in the city of Mumbai, hosting a simple wedding is also an amazing experience. With an array of luxury hotels, open grounds and lavish resorts, you can host your wedding in style without having to choose a faraway location.

When it comes to the COVID-19 circumstances, a regular wedding can be just perfect. Here’s why hosting a regular wedding is a great choice during the pandemic:

  • Since you are hosting your wedding at a nearby venue, your guests can easily travel to the venue without any hassle
  • You or your guests will most probably not require COVID-19 tests if the wedding is within the city you reside
  • You can host a small and intimate ceremony with near and dear ones
  • Regular weddings allow you to stay within the budget and not go overboard with expenses

You can hire a wedding planner to look after all the arrangements to make the task a little easier for you.

Destination Wedding

A destination wedding, as the name suggests is hosted at a destination chosen by you as a couple. This destination can be of significance in your life, or it may simply be a spot that you love. Destination weddings are often quite intimate and held with only a small number of guests. The reason why these weddings are so popular today is that it allows you to spend time with your significant other throughout the pre-wedding rituals, and it gives you time to relax and enjoy.

However, amid the COVID-19 circumstances, hosting your wedding at a destination too far may not be ideal. Hence, if you’re in Mumbai, you can host the wedding in Pune. The city beams with numerous enchanting wedding venues that you can pick to host your big day. Besides, a lot of venues also offer proper COVID-19 care, so it is even more efficient. Nonetheless, make sure you hire a destination wedding Planner in Pune who can take care of all the necessary details of the wedding.

Before you send out invitations for your wedding, you should also make sure not a large number of senior citizens are invited since they are at a higher risk of catching the virus.  Also, make sure you and your guests are tested for COVID and have the reports handy since you can be asked for the COVID test when entering another city.

With all of this sorted, it can be really easy to host a wedding with the assistance of your destination wedding Planner in Pune. The need for a planner during COVID is even higher as they will help you find a venue that is ideal for your guests. They will also help you understand the COVID rules and regulations.

Here’s why hosting a destination wedding in Pune can be ideal for you:

  •  You can enjoy the wedding functions and ceremonies to the fullest
  • You do not have to worry about a thing as your destination wedding Planner in Pune will look after the arrangements
  •  If you follow the COVID rules, nothing can interrupt you from having fun

A destination wedding can be just perfect for you if you abide by the rules, have everything else planned, and have a small guest list. Nothing can be more fun than enjoying the golden days of your life with the people you love. Hire a reputed destination wedding Planner in Pune who will organize the best wedding for you in this lovely city.

Whether it is a destination wedding or a regular wedding, both have their set of pros and cons, so choose one that suits you the best. If you want to enjoy your big day far from home, then go ahead and host a destination wedding. But if you want to celebrate it in your city in a minimal simple ceremony, then go ahead with that. Whatever style you choose, make sure the venue is sanitized, all your guests wear a mask throughout the wedding functions and the guest list does not exceed more than 50 people. In this way, you can effortlessly celebrate your big day with close friends and family.

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