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COVID-19 Vaccination Update: Bharat Biotech Warns, Don’t Forget These People “Covaxin”


Bharat Biotech, the company that makes covaxin to combat corona viruses, is about to fire people over the split vaccine. Bharat Biotech said that if someone’s immunity is weak or they are already taking medicines for a serious illness, then such people should not get Covid covaxin presently. Bharat Biotech has released a fact sheet on which people should not get covaxin.

Bharat Biotech’s vaccine has been approved to use emergency by the Drug Controller of India (GGI). However, some people have been questioning its security effectiveness and guidance on data.

These People Should Not Get Covaxin

  • People with weak immunity should not get covaxin. 
  • People are struggling with some serious illness.
  • People who take drugs for serious diseases.
  • All, Lynn, people suffering from bleeding disorder.
  • It is also prohibited for pregnant and lactating women.
  • Have you got another vaccine.

Bharat Biotech has advised through a factsheet on Monday that people who have been complaining of allergies, fever, bleeding disorder for some time, as well as those who are weak or taking medicines, or who are taking medicines for some time. Which can have effect on the immune system. covaxin vaccine is also prohibited for pregnant and lactating women. Also, those who have taken the second vaccine, or are struggling with some serious disease, should not have cancer of covaxin.

Earlier, a statement from the government said that patients who had poor immunity could also have divisive diseases. However, the effect on such people during the vaccine trial has been relatively small. Usually cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, HIV positive people and people taking steroids are immuno-compliant, meaning their immunity is weak. Apes patients have a higher risk of infection.

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