Paint Damage

Common Causes of Car Paint Damage


Cars are our most loved assets. We want to keep them in the best shape forever. The paint layer plays a crucial role in shaping the outlook of the car. If any damage happens in car paint, you should not waste time and visit bumper paint repair at the earliest. But a visit to the car paint repairs experts is not enough; knowing the main reasons behind paint damage is also necessary to make them long-lasting.

There are various kinds of causes behind the paint damage. Let’s see some of the most common reasons here.


 Temperature affects all things, including car paint. If you live in a city where the temperature fluctuates rapidly, there are higher chances that your car’s paint will get damaged earlier than you anticipated. Here, it is important to know how a change in temperature affects car paint? As we know, with an increase in temperature, paint expands and if it cools rapidly, the paint will contract accordingly. If this phenomenon continues for long, cracks on paints will emerge over time. If cracks are higher in number, the moisture penetration can cause rust to the car body as well.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid act as a paint thinner. Particularly those brake fluids that are not silicone-based, work as paint thinner. This type of fluids washes away even the stronger coating of paint from your car which results in peeling of the paint. This is true that all brake fluids are not corrosive, but it is wise to take extra precaution while using such fluids. In case, such fluid splashes over your car, remove it with a towel. It is recommended to soak this fluid without wiping it. Taking the help of Car Paint Repairs is also helpful in this regard.

Road Salt

It is common practice in cold areas to use road salt to clear the snow. Though, this salt plays a crucial role in making your car drive safer, however, it is lethal for your car’s paint. Besides the paint coating, it damages the metallic body of the car as well. Now, you might be wondering why salt is so much dangerous for your car and paint layer. Well, the answer lies in its very corrosive nature.

Besides salt, ice, snow and even heavy rain also have similar impacts. These things cause water spots that are hard to remove can damage the car’s paint.

Bird Droppings

Birds look really beautiful while flying. But, for car owners, these tiny creatures can damage the look of their vehicles. Bird dropping is a common occurrence everywhere in the country; we can’t do much about it. These droppings cause inconvenience and you need to clean your car regularly. However, these birds dropping can cause some permanents damages to car paint as well. The reason behind it is the acid nature of these droppings. When the sun heats them, they become hardened and damage the paint rapidly.

The best solution to deal with this issue is to remove the droppings immediately before it dries up. The best tool to remove it is well by slowly rubbing the towel soaked in a detergent.


Tiny insects are also an enemy of your car’s paint. The nature of the damage caused by the bugs is similar to that of bird droppings. The body fluids released by the insects are equally acidic in nature. The only difference here is the bug fluids will damage the car paint in a longer duration.

The best way to avoid the paint damage caused by the insects is to remove the insect and their fluids as early as possible from the surface of the car.

Construction Areas

In the areas where construction activities are taking place, changes are falling things are high. The most common of these things are wet concrete. This is true that the contractors will always try to keep these falling minimum. But, 100% containment of concrete is not possible. Whenever concrete sticks over your car surface and get try, it will leave a permanent stain over the paint surface. Therefore, it is wise to park your car away from the construction sites as much as possible.

Car Cleaning Services

 It is common practice to wash your car frequently. For this purpose, people go to car washing companies because no one wants to waste so much time on the cleaning process. However, it has some consequences as well. The equipment and brushes used by these car washing companies can damage the paint of your car. This problem is more pronounced where the machine cleaning is done. The companies that prefer hand washing over machine cleaning cause less damage to the car’s paint. Therefore, it is wise to hire a company that deploys hand cleaning.

The Final Words

Damages to paints are common. You can delay damage to paint but can’t avoid it forever. Some of the common causes of paint damages include Temperature fluctuations, Brake Fluid, Road Salt, Bird Droppings, and Car Cleaning Services. However, the good thing is you can repair this damage by hiring a Bumper Paint Repair company. If you are looking for a suitable Car Paint Repairs company in Sydney, the Scratch Vanish is the most suitable choice for you. They offer the best possible services and in a very cost-effective way.

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