Cheapest Way to Send a Parcel to Germany


In recent years, parcel delivery has become an extremely prominent industry. More and more trade is being internationally, since buyers tend to just do their shopping online with a few clicks of a button.

To satisfy this need, the number of companies doing regular parcel deliveries has risen as well. However, because of this, for some people, deciding on what parcel company to choose has become much more difficult.

From a first glance, many of them offer similar prices, however, are they really that similar? That’s what we will try to answer in this article. Today,  we will talk about how to send parcel to Germany in the cheapest way possible.

Since it’s one of the most important countries to European trade, we believe this article can come useful.

Tips for lowering your shipping costs

Small and light packages

Volumetric weight as it’s called in the shipping industry, is one of the main factors that influences the cost of a parcel shipment. Our first would be to try to keep the shipment as light and small as possible in order to save money when sending something to Germany.

It’s important to emphasize the fact that the packaging itself can affect this aspect. Let’s say an item your shipping is something like a wallet, but you package it in a box that’s far larger than it actually needs to be.

Sure, your goal should be to secure it as much as possible, but a larger compartment will also cost towards the cost. It’s best to package a smaller item within a box that is just a bit larger than the item itself. Also, make sure that you’re using light materials like bubble wrap to form a cushion for the item, this saves some weight as well.

In other words, you should keep everything as optimal as possible

Package the item right

If you’re sending a food item to another country, be sure to keep in its original packaging. This is not much of a tip for saving money, however it can prevent you from causing confusion at the customs checkups when traveling to another country. A package that’s difficult to identify content-wise will be left around for longer for checkups, thus slowing down the delivery. This is especially relevant for Germany, which has very strict import rules

As for saving on costs, the best advice would be to go with a small box that is just right for your item and going with cheap cushioning materials like newspaper, chips or bubble wrap in order to save money. This will also help the item to keep from getting damaged.

Choose a slower delivery option

Express options can deliver your item in 1-2 days from one country to another, which is very fast, however they also cost extra from your pocket. So, our advice would be to simply slow things down.

Instead of going with a fast option, go with a regular option, which is far cheaper than the faster ones that courier offer. Simply plan ahead before shipping an item out in order to get to the person in Germany in the time that they want to.

This is of course, if you’re in no rush to ship something out.

Bulks can save money too

Whether you’re a retailer that’s shipping something to Germany on the regular, or a private person sending gifts to your family, you should know that sending items in bulk can save you a hefty sum of money.

This is in large part because it’s far more convenient for the courier company to deliver multiple items at the same time, instead of trying to find space on a carrier to Germany for a small wallet.

Another thing why bulk sending parcels to Germany can be beneficial is because of the weight restrictions on imported items. Let’s say you’re sending something heavy that weighs around 80kg.

Germany, including other EU countries, has a limit of 30kg for a single parcel. This means that it’s best to split the item into multiple parts in order to fit in within the regulations.

Send to Germany for cheap using the best all-around option

Regardless of you’re sending a parcel as personal matter, or you’re a retailer looking to find a good option for your long term shipments, your best bet would be to look for an all-around option that can accommodate all of your shipping needs.

One such courier is EcoParcel which can guarantee a reliable and cheap service for shipments to Germany and other European countries. They can guarantee this as they work with multiple international partners and have a great team to help new customers out. Be sure to check them out!

All in all

Saving costs on parcels to Germany can be done by taking good care of such things as packaging, weight and also going with a plan that might take longer, but is significantly less money. Good luck with your shipments.

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