Brahma Muhurta

What Is Brahma Muhurta and the Benefits of Waking Up

What is Brahma Muhurta? Rising before the break of dawn, my grandfather embarks on a sacred ritual, diligently tending to his altar and offering reverential prayers to his beloved deities. Transfixed in meditation, he then sets out on a meditative journey, traversing the tranquil paths of nature as the sun rises. Every day, upon his […]

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Top 5 Undeniable Facts About Life?

All Living Organisms Require Energy to Survive. Yes, that is correct. All living organisms require energy to perform various functions such as growth, reproduction, movement, and maintenance of homeostasis. This energy is obtained through the process of metabolism, which can involve the breakdown of organic molecules such as carbohydrates and fats for energy, or the […]

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silk scrunchies

Powerful Reasons Why You Must Use Silk Scrunchies To Tie Your Hair

What Is Hair Scrunchies Hair silk scrunchies are a type of hair accessory that is used to tie up and hold the hair in place. They are typically made of elastic or fabric and are worn around the hair to hold it in a ponytail, bun, or other hairstyles. Scrunchies were popular in the 1980s […]

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Heated Blanket

The 7 Best Heated Blankets to Keep You Toasty at Home

Heated blankets are a type of electric blanket that uses electricity to generate heat and keep you warm while you sleep or relax at home. They are typically made from a soft, insulating material such as microfleece, microplush, or fleece, and have a built-in heating element that is controlled by a detachable or built-in thermostat. […]

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Extracurricular Activities

5 Extracurricular Activities to Strengthen Your Body and Mind

Mental and physical health are equally important and should be given equal attention. Getting caught up in work and studies is easy in today’s fast-paced world. That is why extracurricular activities provide an excellent opportunity to take a step back from stressors and focus on strengthening your body and mind. Extracurricular Activities 1. Yoga Yoga […]

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Canada Day

Why Many People Are Wearing Orange Instead of Other on Canada Day

Introduction: Wearing Orange on Canada Day When it comes to Canada Day, many people think of a traditional red and white color scheme. But there are other ways to celebrate this day. Keep reading with Trendz 4 Friend. Wearing Orange Is a Longstanding Tradition for First Nations Peoples on Canada Day Wearing orange is a […]

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Are You Considered Single If Not Married?

This is a good question from a number of people, including migrants. Certainly, the person who is yet to be married is considered “not married”. Legally, “being single” includes all those who have been divorced and widowed.   On the contrary, there are countries like India where the judicial system does not mandate showing up any […]

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Best Material for Bathtubs

Why Is Acrylic the Best Material for Bathtubs?

Choosing the best material for your bathtub is important for aesthetics, as well as There, is a lot of thought and consideration that goes into building or renovating a bathroom. Although better looks and aesthetics are a priority, people don’t want to compromise the durability of bathroom fixtures. Speaking of durability, nothing beats the strength […]

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Online Shopping

Online Shopping in the UAE Is Drastically Changing – Here’s What You Should Know

Currently, the best online shopping in the UAE has grown into a huge business. Many buyers are turning to the internet to purchase goods. Though, the problem is that you might lose a lot of money when purchasing online unless you take the necessary precautions. Your credit card information might get stolen. You can take […]

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Photography Studio in Bangalore

Finding the Right Home for Your Photography Studio in Bangalore

“We keep this love in photographs, We make these memories for ourselves!”  As the lyrics from Ed Sheeran’s hit song “ Photograph” goes, we all make good memories, and when we do, we love to freeze those priceless moments. We would keep them close, like a pressed flower stuffed into our hearts, only to go […]

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Guide to Women Wearing Leather Biker Jackets in 2021

It’s the mid of 2021 and women here are still contemplating if they should be wearing red leather biker jackets? I mean C’MON, women all over the world are breaking stereotypes in all kinds of clothes and we are still discussing how leather jackets are more male-oriented? How these jackets are too bold for some […]

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Different Ways to Take Off Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions can be a costly and time consuming procedure. The different methods that are used to take off eyelash extensions at home range from traditional removal methods to more modern, salon like procedures. There is no right or wrong way to remove eyelash extensions, it’s all a matter of preference and safety. Take Off […]

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Exterior Door Materials

Popular Exterior Door Materials & Their Typical Lifespans

Choosing the right exterior doors for your home is an important decision. But which materials should you choose, if you really want your doors to last? This infographic from Skywalker Windows & Siding will help you answer those questions! Exterior Door Hardware Materials and Their Expected Lifespan What’s a realistic lifespan for an exterior door? […]

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