Car Rentals Prices at Dubai


Dubai is a beautiful city. Keeps on moving and progressing. One of the living proofs is the Covid-19 vaccine and things returning back to life. However, there was a time that nobody can ever forget. A time when empty streets were filled with the fear of cough, suffocation, and death.

It was a time when the businesses stopped, country trades stopped, and so did the regular jobs. That was a time of survival for the front liners, the patients, and the businesses. Now being in the recovery phase, every business is looking for ways to survive and encourage people to buy its products by maintaining fair prices.

However, little will it help as the general buying capacity is reduced down significantly.

Why are new car prices high in Dubai?

Cars are now harder to buy. This was to happen post-pandemic as coronavirus did not only struck people’s lives but the economic chord as well. There’s one more fact attached to that as well. But first, let us discuss and start from where we all know that the new year brings new models. The newer a model is, the higher the price. However, post-pandemic is a different situation. Did you know? This year marks as the first year where the prices of newer models are kept comparatively low.

As obvious as it is to encourage people to buy the car, there’s more to it than that. First of all, post-pandemic is a recovery time for businesses. Meanwhile, people’s capacity to buy has decreased. This happened because all the economic activities nearly became static when the coronavirus came into the picture. When businesses all over the world stopped, most local employees lost their job(s). The consequences continue down the chain.

Now, either the general pay scale has dropped due to the business recovery phase or the (general) inflation rate has gone up. Either way, the end result remains the same and that is a decreased overall capacity to buy. This is why it is harder for people to buy things. It is the reason and the science in play behind the general consumer behavior. It is why people are opting to hire cars for rent rather than buying one.


Increased prices are one of the things that have happened post-pandemic. The effects of the virus carried forth in the new year are not only limited to the numbers in economics. Beyond affecting the numbers and lives, we have also learned a new way to trust, work, and progress after the pandemic.

As discussed earlier, buying a car may be beyond the scope of discussion for an average buyer. Thus, people are looking towards hiring a car for rent. To do this, people who care about their ‘best buy’ tend to visit multiple rental company sites to find the ‘right fit’. What we do is let you connect to different car rental companies under the umbrella of Just search for a car and see if you can find it. It is how we cut down the number of tabs and time under tension (eyes in front of the screen).

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