Benefits of Eyewash Stations


One of the best emergency solutions is an eyewash station. It is a device that is used to clean, refresh or soothe the eyes. If your eyes are irritating or you are stuck up with a pollen particle then these emergency eyewash stations are required to clean the eye, removing dust from it.

On a large basis they are mostly installed in factories and industries where hazardous works are done. They are available in different designs that can be wall-mounted or foot-operated so that you can choose the eligible one that is required for your place. 

Some Places Where Eyewash Stations are Used

They are favourable for every place but there are some places where they are required the most. These places include battery charging stations, confined spaces, electrified environments and field locations where the number of employees are high and the use is eligible. These are the places where a higher safety is required and therefore the product is also required here. Other areas may include public places where a large number of people visit everyday.    

Benefits of Eyewash Station

Installing an eyewash station has a number of benefits. Their installation gives emergency relief when immediate treatment is not available. It is most important for pharmaceutical and chemical industries where strong chemicals and medicines are produced. Now let’s talk about some of the benefits of eyewash stations. 

  • They are Perfect for Emergencies

The aim of an eyewash station is to facilitate emergencies. It is the prior precaution before going to the doctor that reduces the irritation and itchiness from eyes. 

They are especially designed to assist in situations when pollen or dust falls in your eyes or when any gas or liquid irritates your eyes.

Sometimes when you accidentally touch or rub your eyes with dirty hands and can’t clean your eyes at that time this product proves to be perfect.

 You don’t need to clean your eyes by taking a handful of water and splashing it on the eye. Just open the eyes and place them near the nozzle, The flow of water will itself clean the eyes without touching it.      

  • They are Suitable for Every Place

Either it’s a small firm or a large scale industry, these eyewash stations are eligible for every place. You never know when you will be in an emergency situation and will require the tool. Therefore it is better to be precautious from before. 

They must be installed in high traffic areas such as malls, hospitals and office premises where a number of people visit in a day that can be needed anytime. They are even a good one to install at parks and gardens where anyone can easily use it. Therefore one most important benefit of an eyewash station is that it is suitable for every kind of place.   

  • They are Easy to Install

An eyewash station is available in different varieties and can be installed depending on the use. They are wall-mounted, portable, floor-mounted or foot-paddle operated made from materials such as stainless steel and ABS plastic. 

Some eyewash stations also have body showers attached to them and these ones are commonly used in heavy duty industries. You just need to choose the right place for it and then install it with the screws and attachments that it has. 

Once installed, you can use it anytime. The portable ones contain sterile solutions that make it effective to use for more than a week.   

  • They Provide Plentiful Amount of Water

The eyewash station should be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. The booklet provided with the product should be red carefully so that you can come to know how and when you need to use the station. 

Some of them store water and some take it through the water system when required. Water that comes out of the nozzle has a good force and showers in a plentiful amount that can clean the eye properly. 

Make sure that your eyewash station is placed at a cool place that is out of reach of sunlight so that when someone uses it he does not feel heat from the sun and does not panic.    

  • They Take Minimum Space

One of the most desired benefits, or what you call it an advantage is that the eyewash station takes a minimum of space. It just requires a tiny space on the wall, or at the corner of the place where it can be installed. 

They can be installed in the bathrooms or near the hazardous areas where it is most required. The station is not so heavy and big that it will require a wide space, therefore you don’t need to worry about its installation, just simply fit it wherever needed. 

They are made from ABS plastic and stainless steel that makes it a rust proof device giving it long-lasting and durable characteristics.      


These were some of the benefits of eyewash station. It works as a secondary object where taps are not available otherwise the best way to clean your eyes is to clean it with tap water but when it’s not available then the portable eyewash station is also favourable. 

When they are installed in the industries the workers are guided properly so that they can easily use it whenever needed. While providing the safety training to the workers and employees, they should be provided with all the knowledge and techniques that are required to use the eyewash station. 

It helps to maintain industrial hygiene and gives utmost relief to the user. As it has a number of benefits like mentioned above you should definitely install it at the places where needed. 

If you are planning to install an eye wash station in your office premises, industries or factories then you should definitely install it. It is one of the most important emergency tools that should be at the place so that the workers can use it in emergencies. They are easily available at online stores and offline stores from where you can buy it anytime.     

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