Banni Chow Home Delivery

Banni Chow Home Delivery 28th October 2022 Written Latest Update: Banni feels worried seeing Yuvan’s state


Banni Chow Home Delivery 28th October 2022 Written Latest Update on Trendz 4 Friend

In the beginning of the episode, Banni practices things she needs to do such as holding hands with a person. Yuvan tells her she’s using the wrong hand. In practice, he and Banni pretend to hold hands but Yuvan feels dizzy and falls over.

Yuvan sees a mirror and realizes his vision is getting blurry. He’s about to tell Banni, but he stops himself since she’s in pain. Yuvan decides to give her pain relief instead of more pain, and he falls down. Banni finally feels worried and asks if he’s okay. Yuvan says he will be fine once he has some sugar and Banni gives him prasad. Devraj and Myra come to see them soon after that. They tell Yuvan how they’re going to make him feel better again before leaving with them

Yuvan is feeling dizzy again. Banni feels worried, and thinks about how it’s happening as he takes his medicines too. She says she will ask Shruthi for a doctor. Yuvan says it’s a new place, which is why he is scared, but now he feels better. He asks for Agastya and Rohan.

Shruthi requests Agastya to join the team in the control room to discuss something. Agastya declines, citing that this show is his baby and he has the designer on board. Shruthi responds in an understanding manner. Just then, Banni presences and offers lemon water but Param isn’t interested. She then meets Agastya on her way out of the room, exchanges pleasantries with him before leaving.

Param left and Agastya tells Rohan how he wishes Param would have stayed. Manini comes to meet him and Banni follows them into the office room.

Agastya asks Manini to leave and wants Yuvan to stay for the show. Manini says the audience will not accept it and she asks if he is threatening her. Viraj says Agastya wants a performance of 15 minutes in exchange for Yuvan, who leaves after asking his guards not to let Manini out of the meeting room. Banni thanks Agastya in her heart for agreeing with them.

Banni walks on the stage. Agastya asks Yuvan if he is ok, to which Yuvan replies that it is time for people to see the real him. Yuvan holds his heart, but he says he is just nervous. Banni invites him to share if he is feeling uncomfortable and she tells him that nothing matters more to her than her son. As she touches Yuvan’s head, she notices that his breathing has increased and his heartbeat has sped up. Agastya realizes that Yuvan cannot prove himself on stage if he falls ill now because of this.

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