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Banni Chow Home Delivery 24th October 2022 Written Update: Yuvan Takes Revenge on Viraj

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Banni Chow Home Delivery 24th October 2022 Written Episode Update on Trendz 4 Friend
Latest Episode of Banni Chow Home Delivery

The episode starts with Yuvan checking out Banni. Banni smiles seeing Hemant. Hemant leaves. Devraj thinks Banni can win the challenge as nobody will separate Yuvan and Banni. Yuvan stops girl’s fights and he advises them to not mortify their partners with their fights. He asks them to relish the Diwali party. one in all the women says you’re the one UN agency embarrassed your family within the past and at one party you entered while not garments.

Banni feels unhealthy. Yuvan leaves and he watches the videos of parties wherever Viraj humiliated him within the past and the way Banni takes a indicate him. Banni comes there and she or he turns off the tv and asks him to not watch past videos and tells him that Viraj is modified and accepted him as his elder brother. Yuvan says true individuals changes, he says my family is against Pine Tree State however I noticed however you supported Pine Tree State and this can be not simply a relationship of consumption food, there’s one thing additional. Yuvan asks her to divulge to him what’s the matter. Brinda calls Banni. Banni leaves asking him to urge prepared.

Charmi stops Banni and takes Banni to Viraj. Viraj shows the ring that he bought for Yuvan as a sorry gift. He tells Banni that hopes Yuvan forgives him. Banni tells him that Yuvan forgave him. Viraj says he and Yuvan can sit within the puja along. Banni smiles.

Later Devraj asks Banni to bring Yuvan to puja. Banni agrees. Hemant asks Myra to bring Yuvan. Banni appearance on. Yuvan recollects his insults by Viraj in anger. He goes to Viraj’s area and blindfolds him. Myra tells everybody that Yuvan isn’t in his area. Devraj gets upset. Banni asks him to not worry and tells him that she’s going to bring Yuvan. Brinda asks Charmi for Viraj. Charmi replies he’s preparing. Brinda asks Banni to bring Viraj too. Banni agrees.

Banni goes upstairs and she or he upset regarding seeing Yuvan’s injury. She asks him however it happened. Yuvan says he didn’t understand what happened and he features a headache and doesn’t keep in mind what happened within the garden. Banni asks why he didn’t inform the Doctor regarding headaches. Yuvan asks Banni to relax spoken communication he took tablets. Banni bandages his injury. They hear some sounds and are available to the party.

Banni and Yuvan get dismayed to examine Viraj state. Yuvan unties his blindfolds. Charmi asks UN agency created him wear the girl garments. Viraj says don’t understand however I wished to understand UN agency did it to Pine Tree State. Hemant sends Guests from home. Yuvan asks Viraj to urge relaxed and tell him what happened. Viraj reveals to him however somebody abused him when blind folding him which person created him fall unconscious and currently I’m here ahead of you guys during this state.

Yuvan asks UN agency will love. Alapana says it’s Banni work. Charmi says Banni is with United States and the way will she do it? Yuvan asks them guilty him if they need as he has reason to try and do it to him for his past insults. everybody gets dismayed. Yuvan says I forgave Viraj as Banni created Pine Tree State realise Viraj is modified and I’m not angry any longer.

Myra brings scissors and shows to everybody that it’s blood. Viraj hurts the person with it whereas defensive him. Banni says that person may well be hurt. Devraj asks Myra to see all staff. Banni gets suspicious. She sends Viraj to vary his dress. Later Viraj tells Charmi that he feels one UN agency attacked him Yuvan. Charmi says it can’t be Yuvan as he forgave everybody and it would be the work of Hemant to make variations between brothers. Yuvan and Banni enter Viraj’s area.

Yuvan tells Viraj that he’s reaching to announce at post Diwali party that this point brother can do bhai dhooj. Viraj says it’s a decent plan. Banni sees the shoe and says it’s trying completely different. Viraj says it doesn’t belong to him. Yuvan says it doesn’t belong to him. Banni says it will belong to the offender. Viraj says it’s an upscale shoe and it doesn’t belong to Tai and Chacha. Banni worries UN agency may be that person.

Episode ends.

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