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Are OPPO Earphones Good?


Oppo phones always come with the best and most innovative features, same is with their earphones. A wide-range of earphones is available to uplift your listening experience. Audio devices form Oppo comes with powerful noise cancellation functions, voice performance, and exceptional sounds at an affordable price. Let’s see some of the best earphones from Oppo, their performance, sound quality, and prices.  

Why Oppo Earphones are best!  

Oppo earphones are unmatchable due to their high manufacturing standards and the latest functionalities. 

  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation 
  • Wireless Charging Support  
  • Flagship level sound transparency mode  
  • Low-Latency Bluetooth® Transmission 
  • Water-resistance  
  • Quick Pairing  

Top 5 Oppo’s Earphones  

Oppo Enco X  

Oppo Enco X earphones are designed to generate superior audio experience. In terms of design, the Oppo Enco X gives more premium looks. The earphones come with stem style design and a pebble-shaped charging case powered by USB Type-C. The case had an indicator for battery level. The Oppo Enco X comes with gesture controls too. The Oppo Enco X is more refined by the collaboration of Dynaudio.  


  • Co-Created with Dynaudio 
  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation 
  • 25h Battery Life 


Retails at £169.99 

Enco Free 

The Oppo Enco Free headphones are designed for seamless music & phone integrations. The Enco free are optimized according to the daily routine. The overall listening experience is more improvised due to AI-Uplink noise cancellation during calls. The headphones also come with tap controls which gives your device more freedom.  


  • 31 mAh + 410 mAh battery  
  • Type-C Charging Port  
  • Water-resistance (headphones) IPX4 


Retails at £109.99  

Enco W51  

Enco W51 is another reliable pair of truly wireless earphones within a very affordable budget.  Its New sporty looks & extended features make W51 a truly great premium headphone. The excellent sound quality with noise cancellation makes this device more stable. Its battery is very reliable for routine use.  

Enco W51 Specifications  

  • Hybrid (FF+FB) ANC  
  • Uplink NC for calls 
  • Battery life 20H 
  • Bluetooth 5.0 


Retails at £109.99 

Enco W11  

Oppo Enco W11 is a truly wireless headphone within the budget category. The earphones have IPS55 rating (water & dust resistance category). This oppo earphone can receive signals from both sides, that is why the latency is low making the connection is very stable. Pairing is also more straightforward; you do not have to pair the device every time. Just turn on the device it will resume connection automatically.  

Enco W11 Specification  

  • More Sporty Shape  
  • 8mm dynamic driver 
  • Battery life 20H 
  • Bluetooth 5.0 


Retails at £45.99 

Enco W31  

The Enco 31 is a midrange True wireless earphone: ready to give you a top-notch listening experience. The Enco 31 is designed to give you an improvised music experience due to its added bass mode. Furthermore, the dual microphones are always ready to give you extraordinary listening experience. Its ergonomic design ensures unmatched comfort even after prolonged usage.  

Enco W31 Specifications  

  • Quick pairing 
  • Battery life 15H 
  • Bluetooth 5.0 
  • True Budget Earphones  


Retails at £69.99 

Despite the lower prices, Oppo successfully retained its position as a market leader in manufacturing true earphones. The manufacturing had maximum precision, and final finish looks more finest than any other brand. Almost all the earphones come with excellent noise cancellation functions, and sound quality is more improvised to enhance the overall listening experience. You can visit the Official Oppo store for more audio & wearable devices at the most competitive prices. 

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