Anupama 24th October 2022 Written Update: Pakhi Understands Vanraj

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In today’s episode, Anuj says to Anupama that he wish to fulfil her dreams. He tells concerning her initial day at the school. Anupama asks Anuj if she’s going to attend the school. She remembers her past. Anuj tells to Anupama concerning short-run money school. Anupama stands in disbelief that she’s going to share constant school as Pakhi. Anuj says aside from education no different dhan is precocious on the occasion of Dhanteras. Anupama gets elated thinking she’s going to fulfil her father’s dream. She gets happy thinking she’s going to attend the school to finish her study

Pakhi needs happy dhanteras to Adhik. Adhik replies back. Pakhi asks Adhik however is that the state of affairs at his aspect. Adhik says everything is traditional. Pakhi says which suggests at his aspect too most are deceit as if nothing happened. She adds their family is cheating and shopping for time. Pakhi says their oldsters won’t get them married. Adhik asks Pakhi to be positive. Pakhi says she doesn’t wish to check or do any work. She wishes to be Adhik’s mate. Adhik asks Pakhi if she needs to become a lady of the house. Pakhi says not like Anupama however she needs to be like Barkha. Pakhi share with Adhik that she can’t wait to marry him shortly.

Anuj arrange to inform the family. Anupama stops Anuj and share romantic time. Anuj discloses to Kapadias concerning Anupama’s education. Adhik and Ankush congratulate Anupama. Barkha asks Anupama what’s the requirement to travel to school currently. Anupama lecture on the importance of girls education. Anuj, GK, Ankush and Adhik cheers for Anupama. Anupama claps for Anuj for creating her realise her price. She gets affected with Anuj for invariably giving his support. Barkha says to Ankush that if he would have trusty her once than they’d haven’t loosen their business.

Anu gets excited to send Semitic deitypama to the school. Adhik asks Anupama within which school she has taken the admission. Pakhi and Shahs get dismayed learning concerning Anupama’s call of planning to school. Pakhi says why Anupama took admission in her school. Leela oppose Anupama’s call. Hasmuk and Kavya aspect Anupama.

Anuj asks Anupama to cover concerning Barkha and Ankush’s designing matter from Shahs. Anupama arrange to disclose the reality to Shahs later. Barkha over hears Anupama and Anuj’s speak. Semitic deity gets Anupama and Anuj prepared. She needs Anupama on her initial day of faculty.

Anupama arrange to visit to Lord Hanuman temple once returning from the school. She worries Adhik and Pakhi. Anuj asks Anupama to specialize in her initial day of the school. GK, Adhik and Ankush needs sensible luck to Anupama. Anupama gets shocked learning Anuj can drop her to the school. [Episode Ends]

Precap: Anuj drops Anupama to the school. Anupama enjoys at the primary day of the school.

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