Udaipur Sightseeing Tour

An Interesting Guide for You Udaipur Sightseeing Tour


By not being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan and throughout India, Udaipur has no attractive experience for travelers. So, when I arrived at Udaipur from Jaipur, there were no fixed plans about how many days I wanted to stay in the ‘Lake City.’ As usual, my first priority was walking a lot and saw something with my own pace. Apart from various tourist attractions that are very valuable; Udaipur has a charming repertoire of interesting to see and the interesting experience offered. Here is an interesting guide for you Udaipur Sightseeing tour.

Over the years, interesting has become a word that has been used in various ways. Some of the listings below are located very close to popular tourist attractions in Udaipur; but very few people explore the same thing. I also have to try to mention the amount of money spent on the experience listed below for readers to get the same picture to plan possible visits.

Interesting Experiences in Udaipur

Udaipur Heritage Walk

One of the top activities in Udaipur is slow around the old city and knows more about inheritance. People can do their own legacy or with one of the companies that arrange a walking tour. Among other things on the Heritage Trail in Udaipur, there is a beautiful clock tower.

Among other rural experiences in heritage, we found old lanes with traditional shops; Pay attention to the ceremony at a different temple. When walking, it is also recommended to have a delicious taste of local Udaipur because most will be in the old city. Have Chai in one thelas in the old part and you might find unknown historical pleasure from centuries ago!

Natraj Thali

This is complicated for me; when you live in a relative house, it’s hard to go out and eat. One of my days and my cousin headed to the most popular places to visit in Udaipur. Since now there are two Natraj restaurants in Udaipur, we headed for the old ones from local knowledge.

There is a short waiting time even though it’s a working day. Natraj restaurant is filled with locals. When the food on the table is served, we eat like no tomorrow. There are various delicious dishes and everything is very tasty. I remember the price of around 150 rupees per individuals (a little expensive) but the authentic nature of the Natraj restaurant makes eating here worth it.

Government Museum inside City Palace Complex

While the Palace City Museum is the most visited place in Udaipur, this is a small museum that is mostly overlooked by tourists. The gate of the government museum is close to the entry of the city palace museum, and strangely – because almost no zero visitors you can have the whole place for yourself. The wide collection of ancient sculptures and old scripts spread throughout the hall is a big reason to visit the government museum.

According to realistic details: GOVT 1890. The museum in Udaipur was previously named Victoria Hall Museum. Originally founded by Maharana Fateh Singh in Sajjan Niwas and was shifted to Karan Vilas in 1968. Among other interesting objects, he accommodated stone statues, miniature paintings, inscriptions, coins, arms, historical items and art objects belonging to Mewar region.

Interesting Views in City Palace Complex

Inside the city palace complex, the cost of entering 50 separate rupees is needed to access different parts of the palace. When I asked the guards about the scenery on the other side, I was told that there was nothing in the area and that I could not throw my money!

So, it’s just a instinct that I think let’s take a ticket and wander. And in retrospect, I am very glad I did it! There are two luxury palaces run as Heritage hotels and it is possible to explore this magnificent pleasure on the same ticket.

50 Rupee tickets make you access the area where Fateh Prakash Palace Hotel, Jag Mandir Island, Crystal Gallery & Durbar Hall & Sunset Terrace Restaurant is located. The crystal gallery has one of the most amazing collections of objects made of crystals including crystal chairs but entries are expensive affairs at 500 rupees and photography not allowed inside. If someone is not too worried about the rules without photos, then a visit to the crystal gallery and Durbar Hall can be combined.

Sunset Gazing at Sajjangarh Palace

The top idea is to reach the Monsun Palace or Fortress of Sajjangarh in the afternoon and enjoy the scenery until the sunset.

Government Museum at Ahar

Located about 3-4 km from Udaipur City Utama, Ahar is a small hamlet that seems to be in their own time. There is no tourist aroma around the ancient lanes and shops that sell street musicals in the streets of Ahar. This village is known to be an ancient settlement of the royal family and ancient ruins scattered in all corners of Ahar.

The government museum on Ahar came as a noble surprise. This is a simple and one building may be led to believe that it was closed due to lack of activity around the building. After you go inside, Udaipur rich history and the surrounding area on display. This is a large enough building and has a priceless collection of artifacts.

A few notable facts about the museum:

  • Ahar culture is characterized by a variety of pottery, houses, copper objects, micrologies, terracotta statues, clay beads, and stones such as agate and steatite.
  • Ahar culture is believed to be second only in city planning to Harappans
  • Aharia cultivate plants such as wheat, wheat, rice, millet and also grow green and gram black.
  • Ahar culture is approximately. 2000-3500 years.
  • The Ahar Museum has a collection of rich stone idols from AD to 15th century.

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