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8 Ways To Decorate Your Sibling’s Room


If you have sweet siblings at home and you are older than them, you need to take the responsibility of decorating their room. Sometimes it can be tedious and challenging enough to accommodate everything inside the room. Styling the space for your siblings is not easy. Siblings, if young, need more space. While doing up rooms, you must arrange it to soothe all the functional purposes to cater to all their needs.

None but the adult siblings know all the personal secrets of the younger ones. Some participate while others act as referees to them. Sometimes arranging separate rooms is not possible. You can always turn a bedroom into a cohesive and unified space for them. A growing brother or sister demands some space for themselves too.

Below are the eight ways and tips to decorate your siblings’ room.

  1. Choose Colour Scheme For Storage Spot

Finding a color scheme for the separate storage spaces for their clothes, accessories, shoes, and toys is essential. You can dedicate the nooks if they need slots to play. However, we advise you not to forget to furnish the spot with great storage solutions for her toys.

Don’t worry if you are confused. If you are confused, you can think of providing a neutral ground for them to play more. Always try to build a harmonious space for your little roommates to cohabit.

  1. Personalize A Cushy Corner

Try to create a ‘me space’ for them that resonates with their likes, dislikes, and personality. You can paint the rooms pink or blue. Assemble separate styles of rugs, beds, and accessories to create niches different from chalk and cheese. 

A practical and standard décor route and personalizing the solid color walls with twin beds, identical bed linen, and the multi-hued rug is a good idea. At the corner, create personal storage space. This idea helps to make the little ones responsible for the belongings. Arrange separate cupboards, shelves, and cabinets.

  1. Have A Separate Space To Study

Chaos during study time is not at all acceptable. Whether your room is large or small, try to have individual seats and tables for your siblings to concentrate on her study. You can also have separate bookshelves in the room. 

Personalize the table tops with accessories, pictures, and notes. Use multipurpose furniture if you are running short of space to fit in a study table for your sibling. Beds with a retractable headboard are easy to use, and your siblings can use them to study.

  1. Teach Them To Take Care Of Each Other’s Belongings

As an older sibling, sometimes you need to play the role of parents to them. One of the most crucial lessons that you can instill in them is to respect each other’s possessions, like books, garments, and so on. At times, sharing the same room enough and may create a lot of strife between you two. They should treat each other’s belongings as their own.

  1. About Choosing The Beds

Choose whatever is comfortable for you—single or double bed. Some double beds are there, which come with built-in storage capacity. A headboard helps your younger siblings to display their favorite toys and items. So design accordingly if possible. For siblings below ten years, you may consider a bunk bed. It would help them to have adequate vertical space to play.

You may also opt for a wheeled turned bed which you can pull out during your sleeping hours.

  1. Decorate The Room With Inner Plants

No matter how large your sibling’s room is, you can always put some inner plants in nicely decorated porcelain pots or plastic pots and cups. Engage them to draw or design the flower pots. This way, you make her room airy and hygienic and add color to her life and make her creative. Inner plants in planters help set your sibling’s mood.

  1. Putting Colourful Paintings On Wall

If your sibling is fond of paintings, you can add one to his wall. Not only, a beautiful image adds beauty and elegance to the interior decoration but also, it helps your siblings to know about the artwork. It is also beneficial to build up her creativity. Only you know your sibling the best. Wall art is something bohemian guests at your home would appreciate. Putting traditional painting on the wall of your sibling’s room can set a class apart.

India is a cauldron containing a rich cultural heritage. Sadly, however, many people are not aware of that. Your sibling can be one among them. Artists from different parts of India keep the art of painting alive by carrying forward the tradition. When you buy one traditional wall art painting for your sibling’s room, you introduce her to artwork and contribute a little to such communities. You get a chance to perform social responsibility. Amongst the rich heritage of traditional Indian paintings, Madhubani, Kalamkari, Mural, Punjabi culture, Rajasthani, and Radha Krishna paintings are the ones people like the most.

To hang traditional wall paintings on your siblings’ wall is a sophisticated and sober idea that may help your siblings nurture a love for pictures.

  1. To Design A Sibling-friendly Office

Are you a strict older sibling and want to keep your eyes on your younger counterparts? Or, are you liberal enough to give them their space, where they can work on home assignments during these pandemic times when all schools are closed? You can set up a small play/study corner in your room if it has enough space to do so. However, your little siblings may find it tiresome to be locked up in one room. They want you to share time with them. For that, you can pull in the kid’s table, poufs, and ottomans to help them play with puzzles, read stories, or draw. You can also add a shaggy sheepskin in your room.

Well, so now it’s time for you to become the “World’s Best Sibling!” So, what are you waiting for? Just start your work now!

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