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7 Tip for Increasing the Immunity of Human Body


Immunity may be the most important but the most taken-for-granted component that helps your body up and running. Maintaining a healthy immune system is an art of balance, your immunity should be strong enough to fight illness and infections you get but not so strong that is starts reacting unnecessarily and give you allergies and autoimmune disorders. 

But you obviously have to work towards it to maintain it in its best state. So here are 7 tips for a better and healthier immunity system. 

  1. Plenty of fluids-Many of your body’s processes, including your immune system, are supported by sufficient fluid consumption. Always have a glass of filtered water with you. Throughout the week, eat soups and broths. Drink ginger and Echinacea herbal teas on a regular basis. Limit the intake of processed fruit juices and sweetened drinks, as the sugar content will put the immune system under stress.
  2. Maintain Hygiene-  Touching infected areas and then touching our skin, nose, or mouth causes the majority of infections. Brushing your teeth twice a day, thoroughly washing your hands before eating, and trimming your nails to keep them neat and tidy will also help to reduce the risk of infection. A lack of grooming exposes the body to more germs, resulting in a weakened immune system. Maintaining good hygiene is a great way to increase immunity. 
  3. Balance your hormones- You can have autoimmune symptoms if you have too much oestrogen.

Progesterone aids in the regulation of oestrogen and its effects throughout the body, especially in the breasts, uterus, and brain.

Check your hormone levels and consult with your doctor to find the right mix.

  1. Get enough sleep- Sleep restores and heals the body, and proper immune function is almost impossible without enough of sleep. Using calming and breathing exercises to relieve tension during the day will help the body and mind sleep soundly at night. Per night, try to get 7-8 hours of sleep.
  2. Improve your gut health- Up to 70% of your immune cells live in the course of your gastrointestinal (GI) tract, which makes up a major portion of your immune system. Antibodies are secreted from the lining of the intestines, which also includes cells that detect and kill unhealthy bacteria.

Both good and poor bacteria live in your intestine, and they can either function for you (by synthesizing vitamins) or against you (by causing an autoimmune reaction or even disease).

For optimum gut fitness, follow these steps:

  • Take a probiotic supplement on a regular basis.
  • Processed goods can be avoided.
  • Inquire about stool tests that measure gut bacteria levels and how to correct any imbalances.
  • Consult the doctor for possible food sensitivities, and if you have trouble tolerating gluten, dairy, or soy, try excluding them from your diet.
  1. Go easy on medications- Excessive medicine will weaken your immune system and have a negative impact on your liver, kidneys, and even your reproductive system. Medicines and antibiotics may aid in the recovery of the body from disease, but they do not aid in the improvement of immunity. People who take so many antibiotics have lower levels of cytokines, which are immune system hormone messengers. Avoid unnecessary medications to increase immunity.
  2. Supplements- There are a plethora of vitamins that claim to boost the immune system, but be careful of these claims. First and foremost, there is no proof that vitamins boost your immune system or increase your risk of surviving an infection or disease. Supplements are often unregulated and unapproved, unlike drugs.

For example, if you believe a large dose of vitamin C would save you from getting sick, you’re mistaken. Instead of depending on promises on a sticker, try keeping up with the lifestyle practices mentioned above to help improve the immune system.The natural ways and supplements are the way to go when you are looking for boosting your immunity and maintaining a healthy immune system. Arunveda’s natural immunity boosters are the ideal choice for this. Buy ayurvedic immunity booster medicine and give your immune system the kick it needs.

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