7 Essential Items to Have Before Spring Fishing


Spring it is a wonderful time when you can spend more time for your hobby. One of the most popular hobby is fishing, so if you want to fish in spring successfully, everyone should get to know 7 essential items to have before spring fishing.

Of course, everyone have to have electronics, boats, fishing rods, bait and groundbait in order to be fully prepared! In this article, we will present the most important fishing tips for your fishing.

Prepare for any weather conditions

In early spring weather can be a bit sketchy, it is more variable then at any other time of the year. For this reason, it is important to plan your spring trips ahead around the weather.

Fish during the days when the weather is unseasonably warm or the days leading to an approaching cold to avoid uncomfortable situations.

Find a source of warm water

In the early spring season most of the waters are still going to be cold. However, if you are able to find an area which is warmer than any other place around your fishing experience will be much more pleasant. 

For instance, seek a shallow area when the sun is warming the water, that way you will catch fish much more often due to the fact that fishes are staying in warmer waters.

Fish not just during the day

It goes hand in hand with warm waters. The best time to fish during April and all the other times during spring season would be during evening.

The sun will marginally warm water during the day, it will increase the temperature of the water significantly, even though it is almost unnoticeable for angler fishes it is enough to trigger a better hook than when the water is colder.

Fishing in the spring can be more diffilcult

Keep in mind that fishing during spring season can be a bit fast paced. At that time fish are reluctant to strike anything. With fishing lures that move fast and are relatively big you’ll be more than glad to catch some trout. 

Probably the most important tip when fishing during spring is to downsize your bait. It doesn’t matter what fishes you are trying to catch, smaller baits will work amazing regardless of the species.

Use a groundbait and a flying rod

While taking into account the weather and timing not only that is changing. Not only water temperature is changing, clarity and water level as well. While waters change it is a great time to fish, prepare your groundbait and you are pretty much ready to go.

If water have temperature differences, places such as lakes or river sides would be a great place to start. But the best place to fish during this time would be on the  riprap with a flying rod and groundbait.

Importance of a live bait

Of course bait is one of the most important things to keep in mind when fishing. You can combine live bait with groundbait and have a blast during your fishing session.

But if you only have your live bait that is also not a problem. It is easy to fish slowly with live bait, it requires much less computation from the fish perspective, fish do not need to bite multiple times with live bait and in that way you will catch a fish more often.

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To be patient

The final tip for fishing during the spring season is to wait to set your hook. Fish are slow to bite, so prepare your groundbait first if you have some then set a hook and wait patiently. Also, do not set a hook as deliberately as you would other times during other seasons. 

All in all

We can still state that knowing techniques is not the only way to successfully catch fish and have a pleasant session. Sometimes it is crucial to have specific equipment in order to fish properly. Yes, you can find a perfect spot, have perfect conditions but if you do not have a rod I really doubt you will be able to catch a fish with a fork.

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