7 Astonishing Wall Painting Ideas for Bedroom


Usually, people get tired of white walls. They have a feeling of loneliness or boredom due to the empty walls in their bedrooms. If you have the same feeling and want to change the look and feeling of your bedroom, you need to hang wall art pieces such as a few paintings. In this regard, you might have a lack of ideas. Here are a few wall painting ideas for bedroom that could be beneficial for you:

1. Romantic Love Couple in Forest Canvas Painting

In general, you use your bedroom for sleeping at night, having a nap during the day, and making love with your spouse. Suppose that you are married and are living with your partner. To initiate romance with your spouse, you should be in a good mood. But due to any personal or professional reason, you don’t have a feeling for love, romance, or affection. Hanging this painting of a romantic love couple can ignite the fire of love and romance you have lost. In this painting, a romantic couple is walking on the pathway of a park. Both of them are holding each other by their hands and moving sprightly on the walking path.  

2. Meditating Buddha Vertical Wall Painting

It is said that meditation helps a person to have control over his/her emotions and a feeling of peace & calmness. You should think of hanging the painting of the Meditating Buddha if you really want to fall asleep soon and you have no obstruction in your sleep. After being hung on a wall in your bedroom, this painting can encourage you to meditate before you go to your bed. And meditation will facilitate you free up your mind, leading you to have a sound sleep at night. For more options, you can click painting Buddha images

3. Spiritual Wall Paintings

Some of you have a habit of offering prayers to your God before going to your bed. You can offer prayer to your favourite god in your bedroom too by hanging a respective painting. Suppose that you are a Christian. You can hang paintings of Lord Jesus and allied symbols. Similarly, you can hang a painting of Ganesha, Shiva, Krishna, Rama, Islam, Lord Buddha, and Guru Gobind Singh to follow your religious belief.

4. Beautiful Nature Scenery Canvas Printed Painting

Many people love to be in the lap of nature. And for this, they keep visiting to a local garden, park, zoo, or botanical garden if they have no garden in their front yards or backyards. Artificially bring nature to your bedroom by hanging this canvas printed wall painting there. Through this painting, you can easily visualise the shining sun on a pond surrounded by different floral plants and trees. The painting also depicts two ducks and an eagle in the pond. Having a look at the painting in your bedroom can make you assume being in the lap of nature.

5. Beautiful Rose Flowers Bouquet Canvas Wall Painting

Are you looking for wall décor painting ideas with a floral theme? If yes, this painting of beautiful rose flowers is the perfect option for you. This canvas wall painting has the printed images of roses in different colours. For example, red roses are associated with love, affection, and romance. White roses symbolise simplicity. In simple words, hanging this canvas printed wall painting can make you feel fresh as you look at it.

6. Birds on Tree Scenery Canvas Painting

Does watching birds chirping on a tree fill you with a new energy or make you have a feeling of being close to nature? This canvas printed wall painting is an ideal art piece for embellishing your bedroom. The painting has a calm atmosphere and has numerous birds on the tree. After hanging on your bedroom wall, having a look at this painting could make you fall asleep soon.

7. Big Panoramic Sea Sunset Scenery Painting

Love watching the sun setting in the west by lying on a beach? Due to your personal and professional commitments, you find it hard to fulfil your dream frequently. Hanging a painting depicting the setting sun can help you a lot in this regard. After its placement on a wall of your bedroom, you can easily assume being laid on a beach and watching the sunset.


In your search of wall painting ideas for your bedroom, you can come across far better options. Whatever the painting ideas you choose, they should be in accordance with your needs and home décor theme. The perfect placement of bedroom paintings will make the look better.            

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