6 Simple Giveaway Ideas To Boost Your Business Momentum


6 Simple Giveaway Ideas To Boost Your Business Momentum

Today’s competitive landscape makes it quite difficult for businesses to stand out. Everyone has tried everything. Things are particularly competitiv

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Today’s competitive landscape makes it quite difficult for businesses to stand out. Everyone has tried everything. Things are particularly competitive for small and medium-sized businesses post-Covid. While many such businesses often devise unique strategies to keep their audience engaged or reward them for their loyalty, others invest only on marketing campaigns that boost sales. Almost all SMBs agree that giveaways can basically do it all, provided they are captivating enough and executed well. 

Giveaways can make your brand more visible, foster customer loyalty and generate more interest in your products or services. If done right, it can even give better brand recall.  This article presents to you 6 simple giveaway ideas that considerably increases your business’ momentum.

1. Social Media Contests

Modern businesses know the sheer potential of leveraging social media platforms to present themselves to their audience in the best possible way. These platforms offer many benefits including:

  • Generating a buzz around the brand
  • Encouraging prospects to check out products/services
  • Generating more word of mouth
  • Building a community around the brand

This is done primarily through Social Media Contests that reward participants with something they will find exciting enough. It can be anything from asking participants to post photos of them using your products or giving feedback about your offerings. Compelling entries can be rewarded with gift cards, vouchers, product bundles or even getaway packages. The more exciting the reward, the greater the engagement boost.

2. Exclusive Giveaways

Not many businesses realize the potential of exclusivity. Businesses can generate a sense of exclusivity among their customers through thoughtful giveaways that grant winners something exclusive or out of the box.

Here are a few ideas.

  • VIP access to a product that hasn’t been officially launched
  • Bonus discounts
  • Exclusive in-store experiences
  • Limited edition merchandise
  • Customized apparel
  • Signed collectibles

Exclusive giveaways get people more excited and even make them brand advocates.

3. Branded Merchandise 

A giveaway of branded merchandise is an old school tactic that still remains relevant. There is a certain versatility to such giveaways because the brand gets more freedom to curate what they want to give away – anything from t-shirts to totebags and even USB drives. A more appealing giveaway would be bundles that include branded items; those which offer great value to your customers. Like exclusives, branded merchandises can also make your customers your brand ambassadors. Most branded merchandise like apparel and customized caps will be kept by customers for at least a year. That’s a long exposure for your brand. If they are eye-catching enough and align with your brand’s aesthetic, you get more word of mouth and subsequently new customers. 

4. UGC Contests

UGC or user-generated content is a great way to express your brand’s value without investing in content. You have your customers to thank for the creativity and content that will help your brand standout. Customers expect impactful and thoughtful rewards from UGC contests. Their submissions can be anything from short videos to written testimonials. This way, your brand gets authentic content that can give better results for your marketing efforts while building a community around your brand. Rewards can be exclusive limited edition merchandise or something else that will satisfy winners.

5. Charitable Giveaways

A business’ charitable initiatives make it even more appealing to prospects and customers. You could run a giveaway where participants will be rewarded with unique gifts or personalized offers for donating to a specific cause or charity. Such initiatives emphasize the brand’s social responsibility while participants are rewarded for their generosity. The rewards can also be customized to make them even more special to the donor. For example, a special Thank You note along with a gift, a product with a special charitable edition design, shopping vouchers, gift coupons etc. 

6. Mystery Box Giveaway

Mystery box giveaways offer a thrill of anticipation most customers will love. It generates a sense of curiosity first encouraging participants to enter the contest expecting a big surprise if they win. The trick is in figuring out the right set of rewards that customers would find surprising and satisfactory enough to talk to others about. It can be exclusive limited-edition merchandise, a getaway package, or even cash. The key is in generating and sustaining an element of surprise that will continuously drive engagement. Some businesses also offer bonuses to customers for sharing the info while they eagerly await the announcement of winners.


The key is in understanding why giveaways are more than just a marketing tactic. They offer a means to connect better with the business’ target audience while creating memorable experiences. Regardless of the giveaway idea you choose, make sure it is aligned with your brand’s values. Executing a giveaway properly can deliver outcomes that sometimes exceed the business’ expectations. Implement creative, thoughtful giveaways that leave lasting impressions so your business gets more momentum immediately. The goal is not to hand out freebies but to build better relationships with your audience.