Unique Party Planning Tips

5 Unique Party Planning Tips for Kid and Pet Friendly Parties


In the contemporary world, most of the parties – from small to big one – have become family affairs. Due to this, some people have to be more careful about their senior family members, kids, and even pets. It’s good to spend more valuable time with kids. Some affairs are meant only for adults, kids, and a few for pets. As per your wish, you can make the occasion only for a particular group of individuals. But, when it comes to throwing a party or organising something at home, you should include all your family members and keep their entertainment in mind during the party/event. And for this, you can plan an evening party in a private house or a part of your home where guests of all age groups could feel entertained, safe, and comfortable. Here are some ideas that can assist you in planning a kid and pet friendly party:   

1. Create a kid zone 

Whether you are throwing a party at home or outside, you need to keep yours and your guests’ kids entertained and ensure their safety. And for this, no idea is better than creating a dedicated children zone. You can choose a room at your home or hire an adjoining area of party place to create a kid zone. In that zone, you can place a few toys, colouring books, computer games, videos, crayons, and allied DIY activities such installing a wooden DIY wall clock. Creating a dedicated kid zone and placing children stuff there doesn’t mean that the kids will be in the area for all the time during the party. However, with this, you have at least provided a space where they could amuse themselves and keep entertained, instead of getting bored.

Apart from preparing a kid zone, you should pay attention to hiring a babysitter for the event if you and all your family members will be very busy. Think of hiring more than one baby sitter if more than 5 kids will be at the party place. Further, you can ask the teens to stay away from the little kids by separating the space. To make them feel comfortable, you can have proper arrangements for sitting, relaxation, games, and entertainment.  

2. Value pet and fire safety

For a better and safer party, you should think of and start placing breakables far away from the event place as you plan throwing a party. Further, you should ensure fire safety at the place while decorating it and having a pet protection plan. Here are some useful tips for assuring pet and fire safety:  

  • Place the breakable things at higher shelves. You can move your delicate items on the highest shelves
  • Avoid leaving the lighted candles unattended anywhere in the party area
  • Keep lighters, fireplace candles, etc. away from the wood and fireplace
  • Take pets away for sometime or until the party comes to an end

3. Have a balanced menu 

Whether it is a birthday/anniversary party or a simple gathering, you (as a host) should keep all the hosts, from kids to the old, in mind while planning a menu. For kids, your party menu should include food items like cheese, peppers, carrots, popcorn, pizza, burgers, and kid champagne(sparkling cider). On the other hand, you can include both veg and non-veg items to allow the guests to eat the foods of their own choice. Don’t ignore having all your favourite snacks for teens to adults and olds.  

4. Gift to each child

Gifting is one of the easiest ways to make kids happy. Receiving a present makes them amuse themselves for a while, and the parents of those children will be thankful to you from their heart. For buying and presenting a gift, keep in mind what characters, colours, shapes, and stuff children love a lot. You can think of buying kids wall shelves, stickers, teepees, etc. with a moon, rocket, bird, star, or tree shape. For buying inexpensive gift items, you can focus on choosing stickers, colouring books, and wallpapers.

5. Light the space 

Lighting is an integral part of a celebration/event. For brightening the space, you can hang decorative lights on the wall or from the ceiling, apart from general lighting. To highlight a particular space on the floor or wall, you can think of installing pendant lights and floor lamps.


Making the family part or home event friendly to your kids and pets depends on what you do and how you plan throwing it and how you execute it. From the creation of a pet & kid zone to menu planning and gifting, you need to be very careful. 

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