5 Interesting Myths About Raw Food


Animal care is far from being easy but if you get help from professional vets you will never go wrong. That is why you should, first of all, find a trustworthy vet and start your animal care with annual checkups. Even if your pet feels well and you don’t notice any strange behavior, you should never hesitate to make an appointment with a vet once or twice a year. This checkup will make sure your animal is healthy and give you peace of mind that he doesn’t suffer from any health issue. Even if a disease is found out through the diagnostic system, it will be addressed early. Glenn Mountain Animal Hospital has much experience in the field so they ensure you have no reason to feel worried. So many diseases and viruses have been detected thanks to these early checkups and so many animal lives have been saved. The earlier a problem is detected, the more chances your pet has to get healthier fast.

Switching Over to a Raw Food Diet?

Pet Wellness Center Abbotsford is one of the important aspects to keep your animal healthy and energized. If you want your dog to turn to a raw food diet then you will probably feel confused how the diet can impact your animal. There are many misconceptions about raw food diet which can unfortunately make you believe as it will affect your dog negatively. Below we provide 5 popular myths about the raw diet. Let’s start so you can better understand.

Myth 1: In Case Of Commercial Kibble Diets, Dogs Live Longer

Cooked food has never been a good choice for dogs as they are not adapted to it. The evidence is the growing number of pets visiting to vet clinics with many health issues like skin diseases, obesity, cancers, dental issues and more. Such diseases are because of cooked foods they are given.

However, today we can say that people are much more educated and today’s medical care of developed a lot. As important family members, dogs are cared for a lot and get the needed medical attention. Long gone are the days when dogs used to be outside to guard the house. Now they are valued and their owners keep them as required.

Myth 2: Raw Diets Are Not Balanced

Raw meat diets are balanced because they include various bones with proper nutrients. Raw foods are full off at, minerals, vitamins, and protein. Do not forget that your dog doesn’t need to eat vegetables. Another misconception is that dogs need complete and balanced nutrition in every meal. Even we humans do not eat a balanced meal every day.

Myth 3: Raw Bones Are Really Dangerous For Dogs

No! Cooked bones are really dangerous because cooking can change the whole structure of the bone. Raw bones are not dangerous at all as they are chewable and will bring no digestive issues. Note that bones play a great role in a dog’s diet as they are the best source of calcium andphosphorus. These two ones are responsible for maintaining your dog’s skeleton.

For thousands of years, raw bones were a main part of dogs’ diet thanks to their mental, physical as well as nutritional benefits. Besides, they help dogs clean their teeth and get rid of negative and aggressive behavior.

Myth 4: Bacteria in Raw Meat can Harm Your Dog

Bacteria can affect your dog if it has a weak immune system but health dogs have many natural defenses. Bacteria can be pushed easily thanks to their strong immune system. Besides, bacteria in the gut can be handled perfectly by your dog’s digestive system. Like humans, dogs’ bodies are also developed in a way to prevent harmful bacteria.

In order to further avoid bacteria and ensure that your dog doesn’t suffer from any health issue, prepare its meals based on good hygiene protocols. Also, buy raw meat from reliable suppliers who are certified to make raw food diet.

Myth 5: Raw Food Will Make Your Pet Get Negative And Aggressive!

What a myth! This is one of the most popular myths out there. Perhaps, this myth is the one that affected dogs’ life so much. Never think that feeding your animal a healthy raw diet can harm and turn him into a wild creature.

Your dog will never become aggressive because of raw food diet. Just like every dog enjoys his food and tasty dishes, your dog may also feel defensive and won’t want to share his food. That’s so natural! You are the one to educate your dog and teach him some good manners so that he will not ignore your commands. Give him raw meat and be sure there will be no behavioral issue.

Pet Wellness Center Abbotsford

Being a reliable pet wellness center, Glenn Mountain Animal Hospital guarantees your animal will feel amazing and have a worry- free experience. Even if these myths are ridiculous to you, you can still need a professional assistance from an expert vet. This will help you feed your dog in the best possible way and make sure everything is okay with him.

The vets at Glenn Mountain Animal Hospital offer Pet Nutrition Abbotsford which is designed to control your animal’s healthy weight. As pets age, they can face many health issues. Just because they are old enough, they do not have so much energy and mood to jump, run and lose their calories. Most of time, they prefer sitting somewhere and sleeping. So this means that they do not lose their energy which results in gaining a lot of weight. One of the worst things is giving your dog any food and without any limit. So that is why their weight should be controlled by a professional.

Contact these vets at Pet Wellness Center Abbotsford and let them take care of your furry companion. Their Pet Nutrition Abbotsford is proven to be effective enough, so whether you want your animal gain healthy weight or lose some kilograms, this pet nutrition plan can be quite helpful. For more details, just contact these vets!

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