5 Challenges You Might Face in Custom Software Development in 2021


The technology talk brings so much excitement and involves individuals together. There is a reason for that and that’s our lives so much rely on technologies. There’s hardly a domain where we don’t rely on technologies to get things done in a better and efficient way.

This is the reason the use of technology is getting increased every day and even the fields where we never imagined technology to be useful are now reaping the rich benefits of technology adoption. Talking about the business world, it would not be wrong to say that it is the most impacted domain by technology. Regardless of the industries, technology has played its vital part in the up gradation of the business world for good. For example, the financial industry, supply and demand industry, retail, and e-commerce are a few industries that have benefited a lot from technology adoption.

This resulted in severe competition amongst business owners to get hands-on the latest and fastest software solutions from which their businesses can be leveraged. Today, IT professionals are in extreme demand, and the technology experts like cybersecurity, DevOps, blockchain, and cloud computing have now become the need of every modern and futuristic organization.

But, is getting custom software developed so easy? The short answer is No. Moving from a human-dominated work environment to a tech-dominant work environment is not a piece of cake. There are a few challenges and risks involved in the process and in this article, I’ll discuss some of them so that when you plan to get custom software developed for your company, you are well prepared to tackle them.

So, let’s get started.

5 Challenges Involved in Custom Software Development:

  1. Not Having a Clear Project Vision:

The main purpose of any company to go for custom software is to provide value for the business. For this to happen, the software must be well-thought and well-led. It must act as a perfect problem-solving solution for a company’s challenges and problems.

To get such software developed requires proper team collaboration and a vision. Whenever a company opts to transform digitally, it has some expectations insight that the software they are planning for will prove to be problem-solving, it will help the company’s cause to perform things in a better and most efficient manner, and it will be a market competitive product.

All this can’t be done without having proper meetings and discussions. Although, this phase is not very exciting as the software development phase and involves a lot of brainstorming. But, for a software project to be successful, this needs to be done. Don’t expect this to be over in a couple of short meetings. You need to write down all your requirements, expectations on paper which is called the project scope, and what is it for? This piece of paper helps you avoid vague ideas about your project by allowing you to be specific with your requirements and the features you are looking to have in the software.

  • Poor Communication:

No matter what’s the task, what’s the scenario, and what’s the project, a swift communication process lies at the heart of making anything successful. Many people think software development is all about having great technical expertise and the implementation of expertise, but one can never undermine the importance of communication in a software development process.

In my professional career, I have seen many software development projects getting failed just because of the lack of proper communication channels between clients and developers. The best way to avoid any communication failures that might lead your software to disaster is to have a single point of contact. A person who is solely responsible for communicating with the developer and act as a middleman to convey the company’s thoughts to the developer and making sure that everything is going smooth in the development process.

Sometimes, because of the urge to get things faster or to make sure everyone is on deck, companies fail to do this and thus end up having several flows of communication that can damage the project progress. And that can lead to requirements, conflicting timescales, delays, and more canceling each other out.

  • Asking for Too Many Revisions:

Asking for changes concerning a particular problem or a feature you want to add to your project is not a problem at all, but asking for too many revisions is a problem. Making changes in software is directly concerned with the industry your business falls and it can affect the project’s delivery time and may increase your spending over it.

If you go back two or three paragraphs above, I insisted on making a project scope having the project’s realistic features, requirements, deliverables, and budget on it. Once you have them all listed, you’ll be knowing what is it that you want in your software which makes you less bothered about having too many vague features in the software.

  • Not Having a Knowledgeable Partner:

The development process is the most exciting and important part of any software project. Having a skilled and knowledgeable developing partner not only makes the journey very exciting but also helps you in getting a bespoke software product.

Just imagine if it goes the other way. It can prove to be a disastrous experience for you. So, always make sure about which company/developing team you are hiring. Do your research properly and take help from reviews of a company’s previous clients. Make sure your project is in safe hands.

  • Budget Issues:

Budget is one of the main factors in your project’s success. That’s clear. But on a slightly different matter, I should like to draw your attention. Instead of just the initial development period, you must have a guaranteed budget in the long run. Why? Why? The reason is straightforward. Very often it is possible to extend development time by 20-30%. This you have to take into consideration to secure your project financially.

The Way Forward:

Like I said earlier, custom software development projects are very complex, and these take a lot out of you. Having the right knowledge/vision of your project, established communication channels, the right development partner, and the proper budget for your project can satisfy your desires to have a bespoke and market competitive software solution.

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