5 Best Social Media Marketing Platforms for Realtors

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Are you struggling to build your presence online? If yes, then here are some social media marketing techniques to help you stand out in the real estate world. Social media has been the primary reason for establishing long-term communication between the realtor and client.

As a real estate agent, it is imperative to manage and prioritize your time on social media. For successfully running a real estate business, it is essential to know some tips and hacks to boost your sales in the off-seasons. Statisticians report that 99% of millennials begin searching for homes online.

Here are some of the tips to smartly utilize social media platforms and convert viewers to buyers.

Facebook-The Gold Miner for Realtors

If you are a realtor, you would have realized that promoting your homes on a business account on Facebook is one of the best strategies to attract potential buyers. You can smartly utilize your off-seasons by posting compelling pictures of apartments and writing valuable content about them.

One essential way to optimize your Facebook page is to avoid uploading too many posts. Rather than crowding your page with pictures daily, focus on sharing less but valuable content. The best marketing strategy to follow is to build a good relationship with your clients. As the viewers get attracted to your posts, they will start sharing them with their friends. Congratulations! Your engagement has increased.

If you are searching for a home in Winnipeg, we must let you know that all the Winnipeg best realtor own a Facebook business accountto promote their business.

Instagram- A Visual Platform

Did you know that marketing matches are made in heaven? Yes, it is true because Instagram and real estate are made for each other. Instagram is the best platform to sponsor your homes to a target audience. However, a clear plan is needed to run a business Instagram account online successfully.

If you are stuck with a limited number of followers, you must know those tactics to increase engagement. To grab the attention of 1 billion active users is not a piece of cake. One tip for you is to use the right hashtags. While using theright hashtags increase engagement, they also let new people discover your page. 

One of Winnipeg best realtor uses Instagram for business, and her business is flourishing like never before. 

Twitter- Grab Engagement in Off-seasons

In your busy life, managing social media accounts can be hush-hush. Juggling your daily duties and strategically maintaining your social media accounts is tough. So, one tip is to create a social media team that can handle your business accounts smartly. Twitter is one of those tools that boom your real estate business.

Before you start posting content on Twitter, make sure you establish your goals and determine your audience. Many real estate agents make this mistake. They keep posting engaging content without any plan. Thus, it is essential to have a plan first and then gradually grab people’s attention through valuable content.

To convert viewers into buyers, you need to use the right bold headlines. For example, if you want to sell homes in Winnipeg, then make sure to add the title: the five best Winnipeg homes for sale.

Linked-In- A Platform for Smart Realtors

We all know that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the official platforms to promote your company. Now let us tell you that although Linked-in is an unofficial forum simultaneously, it is an excellent tool that leads you to potential buyers. 

The stats show that 5000 companies reported that Linked-in produced more than 277% of buyers than Facebook and Twitter. An attractive banner of your real estate business with complete information of your real estate business is the best method to attract potential buyers from linked-in.

One of the unique techniques to optimize your account is to showcase your homes on sale. For example, you can showcase to people the best Winnipeg homes for sale with valuable information. It would attract the local community to contact you for further assistance in finding the best homes within their ranges.

YouTube- Best For Video Marketing 

Did you know that YouTube is the second most reliable search engine after Google? So, let’s find some new ways to optimize your YouTube page. Firstly, make sure that you upload the right information about your agency. While sharing one of your best home sales, you must remember that a long video can bore the viewers. So, make sure to utilize your time with good content.

Furthermore, create captivating headlines that are SEO friendly, like the five best Winnipeg homes for sale. One of the points to note is to add subtitles for foreign language speakers. You can also make the content of your best clients’ testimonials and reviews about your real estate business. 

Blog- Enter Into The World Of Words

Blogging is the best way to captivate potential buyers with your content. You can answer client’s top questions about buying a home, or you can promote your real estate business by sharing some happy client experiences and stories. If you are an expert in your field, you can guide fresh realtors on transforming their real estate business to the next level.

However, you must remember that there is no shortcut in the blogging world. It takes time to get your blog fully functional. But once you step into this world of words, you can quickly grab viewer’s attention in buying homes.

Bonus Tip

One best tip for you is to remember the 80-20 rule. If you have freshly stepped into the real estate marketing world, then this rule is for you. Whether it is a Facebook business account or Instagram sponsoring ads, remember that 80% of your content should be for the customers and 20% for your business promotion.


All in all, to have an effective marketing strategy in the real estate world, it is crucial to establish a goal and have a plan. Once you know the tips and tricks, promote your services and attract the potential buyers looking for homes. The most crucial aspect of any social business is to have a good relation with your customers. 

One of the Winnipeg best realtor; Jennifer Queen, says that it is crucial to have good communication with our clients so that they have a reliable experience. 

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